The Junior Women opened UCI racing for the Trek Cyclocross Cup in Waterloo, WI on Friday. Ava Holmgren defeated Isabella Holmgren and Lydia Elbert to take the top step.

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2021 Trek Cyclocross Cup: Junior Women Results

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit TimeLaps
192Ava HolmgrenHardwood Nextwave Cycling Team39:55.7:50.5
290Isabella HolmgrenHardwood Nextwave Cycling Team40:28.8:20.5
382Lydia ElbertThe Pony Shop41:15.8:25.5
491Kiara LylykThe Cyclery Racing41:40.8:35.5
583Callah RobinsonNWCX Project43:10.8:32.5
681Ella BrennemanCXHAIRS DEVO : TREK BIKES43:13.8:43.5
780Izabella ShafferUPMC/PRO BIKE +RUN43:30.8:59.5