Read our race report from Friday night’s women’s UCI C2 race at Jingle Cross here.

The three-day 2018 Jingle Cross weekend is upon us, and Mother Nature gave the “true cyclocross conditions” dreamers their wish.

With a light rain lubing up the course in time for the first UCI races of the weekend, racers swapped file treads for mud tires and got ready to party like it was 2016.

And just as she did in 2016, Helen Wyman (Xypex – Verge Sport) took a commanding win under the lights and in light mud.

Helen Wyman wins 2018 Jingle Cross Day 1 UCI C2. © D. Mable / Cyclocross Magazine

Helen Wyman wins 2018 Jingle Cross Day 1 UCI C2. © D. Mable / Cyclocross Magazine

Lily Williams (The Pony Shop p/b KPMG), after briefly seizing the lead when Wyman broke a chain, finished second.

Raylyn Nuss (Maplewood Bicycle) rode almost the entire six-lap race in third.

Full results below. Stay tuned for a full report.

2018 Jingle Cross Day 1 Full Results: Pro Women - UCI C2 Cyclocross

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit Time
11Helen WYMANXypex - Verge Sport49:24:008:32
26Lily WILLIAMSThe Pony Shop p/b KPMG50:01:008:28
315Raylyn NUSSMaplewood Bicycle51:07:008:34
47Erica ZAVETARenewed Cyclocross/ Garneau-Eas51:35:008:20
519Sarah STURMSpecialized/ Ten Speed Hero51:54:008:34
610Beth Ann ORTONPoint S Nokian51:55:008:39
754Sophie RUSSENBERGERPoint S Nokian52:08:008:42
812Emily WERNERAmy D. Foundation52:33:009:04
918Corey COOGAN CISEKAmy D Foundation52:53:008:54
1014Laurel RATHBUNDonnelly Sports53:02:008:54
1117Katherine SANTOSAmy D Foundation53:02:008:54
1221Anne USHER53:26:008:40
1331Ellie MITCHELLNWCX Project53:34:008:58
1413Rebecca GROSSZero D Racing53:40:008:54
1550Kelly LAWSONHardwood Next Wave Cycling Team53:43:008:57
1620Natascha PICIGAGiant toronto Pb Liv54:02:008:57
1739Susan LIVINGSTONAmy D Foundation54:17:009:13
1830Sydney GUAGLIARDO(un)ATTACHED54:24:009:47
1937Alana HEISETerrascape Racing p/b SRI54:34:009:07
2049Brittany PARFFREYBicycle Heaven / PVA54:38:009:13
2123Carol SEIPPOrion Racing p/b Borah Teamwear54:44:009:06
2222Turner RAMSAYAlpha Bicycle Co.- Groove Subar54:46:009:01
2343Michelle HANCETeam Handmade55:15:008:53
2440Molly CLARK-OIENParallel 44 Racing p/b Sanford55:17:008:55
2548Caitlin NEUMANBrazen Dropouts55:33:009:09
2635Natalie SMITHBicycle Heaven / PVA55:53:009:06
2746Risa HUSTADTacoCat Racing55:53:009:10
2841April BEARDTrek Midwest56:25:009:10
2944Emily PAYONKTeam NeighborLink56:27:009:13
3055Eleanor DYASMidwest Devo57:14:009:47
319Dana GILLIGANMacogep-argon18-girondinsdebord48:20:009:41
3252Katelyn WALCROFTHardwood Nextwave Cycling Team48:43:009:56
3332Lindsay KNIGHTTenspeed Hero29:05:009:38
3434Bridget TOOLEYRenewed Cyclocross/ Garneau-Eas29:09:0010:06
3547Stacey RICHARDSONpedalRacing29:17:009:45
3651Leslie ETHRIDGEORNOT29:26:009:39
3753Jennifer PARKBicycle Heaven29:29:009:38
DNF11Siobhan KELLYBlack Dog Racing9:41
DNF38Marianna WILLIAMS10:05
DNS2Elle ANDERSONMilwaukee Alpha Motor Homes
DNS3Samantha RUNNELSSquid Squad
DNS4Sunny GILBERTVan Dessel Factory Team
DNS5Cassandra MAXIMENKOVan Dessel Factory Team
DNS8Alicia FRANCKMarlux - Bingoal Cycling Team
DNS16Rachel RUBINOFearless Femme Racing
DNS33Jodie PRESTINEBens Cycle/Milwaukee Bicycle C
DNS36Vanessa CURTISIowa city cycling club
DNS42Abigail YATESMatrix/RBM
DNS45Allison HUNTGoldenrod Pastries CX