Last year while our Dave Mable was filming the Name That Wisconsin Town video, Sanne Cant had a simple proposition: “Why don’t we do it with Flanders towns so we can laugh at you.”

Cant is the World Champion and her offer seemed fair, so this year at World Cup Waterloo Mable was back at it asking North Americans to take a shot at pronouncing some tough names from the Motherland of Cyclocross.

Have a listen (and look) as Sofia Gomez-Villafañe, Sunny Gilbert, Cody Kaiser, Kaitie Keough, Anthony Clark, Maghalie Rochette and Lance Haidet give Flemish their best shot.

And of course, we went to the expect Sanne Cant for a quick lesson in proper Flemish pronunciations.

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Name That Flemish Town Video

In case you missed last year’s Wisconsin version, have a watch below.

Name that Wisconsin Town (2017):