For the third week in a row, our #tbt looks at the 2000 at Gloucester, MA with a video of the Saturn Supercup posted from Henry Jurenka on YouTube. You can find videos of the Women’s Elite Race as well as the Men’s Elite Race as well. Don’t miss our reader-favorite feature on the Supercup in Isssue 22 (also available instantly on here and on iTunes). We have a few notes on some familiar faces during the race.

Fifteen years ago, the Juniors and the Masters racers started together, in what was refereed to as the students and the professors. Despite the strength of the young guns, the best of the Masters would commonly take the overall, especially when you had a powerful veteran rider like Scott Wade take the course.

In 2000, however, the Junior field was stacked with some serious talent, including Walker Ferguson, Jeremy Powers and the Anthony brothers: Jesse and Josh. Ferguson was able to take a win over a minute before the first Masters racer crossed the line. If you follow closely enough, you will even be able to spot Fuji-sponsored Bobby Lea, who has now multiple-Olympics under his belt.

As with the last three races, if you’re interested in spoilers, the full results are listed below:

Junior Men

1 Walker Ferguson ( 42.00
2 Jesse Anthony (ECV) 0.05
3 Jeremy Powers (Team Devo) 0.06
4 Oliver Stiler-Cote (CRCA/Hot Tubes) 0.10
5 Josh Anthony (ECV) 0.47
6 Chris Hill (Travis Cyclery) 2.04
7 Ang Sheldrake (Denver Boulder Couriers) 2.42
8 Dan Wolfson (CRCA/Hot Tubes) 2.46
9 Alan Obye (Team Grimace) 3.07
10 Conor Coffey (SNEM) 3.23
11 Michael McCarthy (NECSA) 3.33
12 Konrad LeBas (NECSA) 3.39
13 James Krieck (Waterloo CC/ The Flying Dogs) 3.49
14 Matt Norton (Portland Velo) 4.23
15 Bobby Lea (Fuji) 5.01
16 Jonathan Kahler (Red Rose Rockets) 5.03
17 John Hanson (Benidorm) 5.19
18 Sam Smith (Master Links) 5.44
19 Adam Swartzbaugh (Team Grimace) 5.45
20 Stephen Holt (MBRC)

Masters Men

1 Scott Wade (Gearworks) 43.00
2 Charlie Tarver (Aspen Bicycle Club) 0.17
3 Stephen Dudley (The Bicycle Link) 0.37
4 Jan Wiejak (Wiejak Sport) 0.40
5 Gunner Shogren (ACA/Fort) 0.42
6 Dennis Farrell (Red Rocks Velo) 0.49
7 Paul Curley (Gearworks) 1.06
8 Sam Morse (Mass Bay Road Club) 1.06
9 Joey Dean (Minuteman Road Club) 2.02
10 Jim Quinn (The Bicycle Link) 2.02
11 Tim Groesbeck (CCB) 2.39
12 Bevan Quinn (Putney/WestHill) 2.42
13 Eric Marro (B.O.B.) 2.52
14 Christopher Long (Independent Fabrication) 2.56
15 Michael Ferrentino (Unattached) 3.18
16 Eddie Quinn (PVC) 3.20
17 John Mosher (Cycleloft) 3.51
18 Bob Roldan (Dreambikes) 4.06
19 Paul Lynch (The Bicycle Link) 4.12
20 Tom Stevens (Gearworks) 4.20
21 Hal French (Unattached) 4.33
22 Sam Robinson (Portland Velo) 4.49
23 Donald Vasero (GVCC) 5.18
24 Wayne Cunningham (NEBC/Cycleloft/Sun Micro) 5.23
25 Andrew Feehan (Cross Island Velo Club) 5.29
26 Anthony LaProto (CRCA) 5.42
34 Bo Fuller (MTCC) 5.50
35 James Paterson (Village Cycles) 5.51
36 Tim Ballby (The Bicycle Link) 1 lap
37 Daniel Russell (The Bicycle Link)
38 William Sawyer (NEBC/Cycleloft/Sun Microsystems)
39 Mike Madore (The Bicycle Link)
40 Frank Petty (Felliwi)
41 Mike Jinks (Essex Cycling Velo)
42 Michael Christy (Hot Tubes/Marianne’s)
43 Cole Bealey (Arlington Velo)
44 Tim Lucia (NEBC/Cycleloft/Sun Microsystems)
45 Gene Garneau (East Bay)
46 Andrew Whelan (Portland Velo)
47 David Garneau (East Bay)
48 Sean Lebas (Laurel)
49 Paul Carrier (NCC)
50 Brian Geddes (NCC)
51 Thomas Chorase (GMBC/Excite/Smartfuel)
52 Richard Costa (Unattached)
53 Tim Crowley (Minuteman Road Club)
54 David Genest (Richard Sachs)
55 Michael Dameron (Seven-Specialized-TenSpeed Spokes)
56 Tom Downey (Mass Bay Road Club)
57 John Coscia (Cycleloft)
DNF Vincent Donahue (Worcester Cycling Club)
DNF Armand Pantalone (B.O.B.)
DNF Ken Smith (Arlington Velo)
DNF Stephen Rush (Hot Tubes)
DNF Chris D’Alusio (Sobe/Headshock)
DNF Michael Medas (World Team)