A week after getting good feedback from our last week’s Throwback Thursday on the 2000 Boston Supercross Cup, Women’s Elite Race, where Anne Grande took a near minute lead on the rest of the podium for the win, we return to Gloucester for the same race with the Men’s Elite Race, thankfully posted on YouTube by Henry Jurenka. Need to catch up on your history of the first-ever national cyclocross series in the US? Don’t miss our reader-favorite feature on the Supercup in Isssue 22 (also available instantly on here and on iTunes).

As with last week, we have a few pointers to look for.

The first five minutes is the causal preparation before the start. With 15 year old footage, this is likely your best chance to identify most of the faces. Many, like Steve Tilford, will be readily available, and we even saw a cameo of Charm City’s Chris Auer waiting in the wings before his sendoff.

Tim Johnson looked a little cold before the start, but his race didn’t begin too tepid as he took the uphill holeshot with Justin Robinson a few riders behind. It was not long before Johnson and Marc Gullickson were trading spots at the front. You can see Adam Myerson working his way through the field, including just before the 11:00 mark, where he’s elbow to elbow with fellow riders in a chase for the leaders.

Soon enough, the legendary Mark McCormack joined Gullickson and Johnson at the front of the race, while Independent Fabrication’s Johannes Huseby leads the chasing group across the course. The eventual leader had a clear path for first, but the battle for second was intense.

As with last week, if you don’t mind a spoiler alert, the results can be found below:

1 Mark McCormack (Saturn) 54.38
2 Marc Gullickson (Mongoose) 0.14
3 Tim Johnson (Saturn) 0.14
4 Justin Robinson (Bullion Stil/Specialized) 1.19
5 Johannes Huseby (Independent Fabrication) 1.19
6 Bart Bowen (Saturn) 1.19
7 Dale Knapp (Kona/Voicestream) 1.19
8 Frank McCormack (Saturn) 1.41
9 Steve Tilford (Jogmate Shimano Moots) 1.46
10 Benjamin Jaques-Maynes (The Spokesman) 2.25
11 Peter Wedge (Kona) 2.44
12 Todd Shoberg (Sobe/Headshock) 3.01
13 Michael Muller (Gearworks) 3.17
14 Brandon Dwight 3.27
15 Adam Hodges-Myerson (Breakaway Couriers) 3.33
16 Richard Feldman (Durance Cycleworks) 3.34
17 Vojto Bachleda (Boulder Denver Couriers) 3.35
18 Toby Swanson (Kona/Voicestream) 3.36
19 Josh Hall (JetFuel Coffee) 3.37
20 Jeff Weinert (Independent Fabrication) 3.40
21 Will Black (Lonestar) 3.48
22 Ken Helgeson (Independent Fabrication) 3.49
23 Whitney Johnson 3.55
24 Shawn McCormack (CCB/Volkswagon) 4.09
25 John Lieswyn
26 Justin Lillie (Galaxy Sports)
27 Jeffrey Craddock (MBRC)
28 Chris Peck (Wheelworks/Cannondale)
29 Jeffrey Herrick
30 Donny Mills (Wheelworks/Cannondale)
31 William Elliston (Bicycle Therapy)
32 Alec Donahue (NCC/Bike Reg)
33 JD Bilodeau (NCC/Bike Reg)
34 Rob Dapice (Wheelworks/Cannondale)
35 Jeffrey Leake (NCC/Bike Reg)
36 Joe Alachoyen (NCC/Bike Reg)
37 David Wyandt (Palo Alto Bike)
38 Amos Brumble III (CCB/Volkswagon)
39 John Flack
40 John Frey (Team Mack Racing)
41 Matt O’Keefe (Giant/ATA)
42 David Werling (NECSA/Coyote Hill)
43 Todd Davis (Broadmark)
44 Geoffrey Proctor (Montana Velo)
45 Tim Faia (Boulder Denver Couriers)
46 Greg George (Radical)
47 Craig Lipka (NCC/Bike Reg)
48 Bill Skinner (Richard Sachs)
49 Jonathan Bruno (B2C)
50 Jeremy Braziel (Independent Fabrication)
51 Charles Tarver
52 Skip Brown (Seven Cycles)
53 Todd Wheelden (Independent Fabrication)
54 Justin Marchacos (Ft. Lewis College)
55 Curtis Bowin
56 Earendal Ferguson
57 Allen Horton
58 Aric Rist (Bike Dr.)
59 Alex Banyay (ZeroWait)
DNF Kurt Begemann (Sobe/Headshock)
DNF Tyler Savage (Sobe/Headshock)
DNF Brian Finnery (Bullion Stil/Specialized)
DNF Kris Auer (Grimace / Wojcik)
DNF Greg Ferguson (Trek/VW)
DNF Arik John Holm
DNF Jon Hamblen
DNF David Ricklefs
DNF KC Kopper (Sobe/Headshock)
DNF Marc Lanoue (BCA/Tosk)