It’s that time of year again, where our cyclocross bikes hang in our garage or basement for months on end until we brush off the dust on them in August and start training again at our local Wednesday Night Worlds.

Who are we kidding? Every season we can find an excuse to use our cyclocross bikes, and with gravel events like the Lost and Found and Barry-Roubaix  on the horizon, we don’t see our bikes feeling lonely any time soon.

In honor of the gravel season beginning for 2015, we are taking a look back at Gravel Races of late 2014 with a video from Sub 9 Gravel Grovel, which was the final race in the 2014 American UltraCX Series, and was located at Hoosier National Forest. The Gravel Cyclist posted his race on Vimeo, as shown above, which stretches from traditional gravel roads to the untamed paths of the forest. He is dedicated enough for gravel races that even his autumn is filled with them while many of us are still in the height of our cyclocross season.

You can see more of his adventures at