For today’s #tbt, we are going back to mid-November of 2000 at Gloucester, MA with a video of the Saturn Supercup posted from Henry Jurenka on YouTube. Not familiar with this era and the first-ever national cyclocross series in the US? Don’t miss our reader-favorite feature on the Supercup in Isssue 22 (also available instantly on here and on iTunes). We have a few notes on some familiar faces during the race.

Anne Grande, the Kona rider, was the rider to beat at this race. At Nationals, she consistently placed behind powerhouse Alison Dunlap, although years after this event, she would take the American Jersey home after a win in the Elite Women’s Championship at Napa Valley in 2002.

Rachel Lloyd is not only in the mix, but clearly she was doing well in the Saturn Supercup Series in 2000 as she is called up first wearing the leader’s jersey. Gina Hall of Real Wheel/Voo-Doo tries to stay in the mix at the front of the race. Like Llyod, she has never really left the sport after all this time, and you can see our interview with her after she won 45-49 Master’s Nationals in 2012.

Alicia Genest (now Alicia Hamblen) was the iconic Richard Sachs rider of the previous decade who had a U23 title to her name, which is also why you might have noticed that there are two separate stars and stripes jerseys in the video (the second was worn by Masters 40+ National Champion Jodi Groesbeck). Carmen Richardson, who has a long, blond ponytail in the video, and rides for Sobe/Headshock, put in a great effort on the day, although she was a nationally recognized rider, getting on the podium at Nationals only two years prior to this race.

Of course there are also sideline cameos by Stu Thorne and Tim Johnson.

If you care for a spoiler alert, the results of the race are as listed below:

1 Anne Grande (KONA/VoiceStream) 44.13
2 Carmen Richardson (Sobe/Headshock) 0.50
3 Gina Hall (Real Wheel/Voo-Doo) 1.31
4 Jen Dial (Independent Fabrication) 2.09
5 Emily Thorne (Independent Fabrication) 2.28
6 Rachel Lloyd (SYCIP/Novo) 2.43
7 Jodi Groesbeck (Putney) 3.53
8 Christine Vardaros (Unattached) 3.55
9 Heather Szabo (Boulder-Denver Couriers) 4.18
10 Katrina Davis (Wheelworks/Cannondale) 4.21
11 Elizabeth Coleman (Sobe/Headshock) 4.37
12 Magen Long (ZeroWait) 4.42
13 Candy Angle (Bicycle Link) 4.48
14 Larssyn Staley 4.51
15 Jody Koch (Ameritech) 4.57
16 Erin Light (Red Rocks Velo) 5.00
17 Heather Peck (Wheelworks/Cannondale) 5.19
18 Lisa Matlock (Sobe/Headshock) 5.32
19 Susan Frederickson (ECV) 5.33
20 Kathryn Kothe (NCC/BikeReg)
21 Alecia Genest (Richard Sachs)
22 Sara Cushman (NEBC/CycleLoft/Sun Mircrosystems)
23 Shari Hausbeck (WSC/Quiring Cycles)
24 Jennifer Olbrich (Independent Fabrication)
25 Jennifer Shogren (WVU/Fort)
26 Kerry Litka (Independent Fabrication)