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  • Sidi Shows Off Flagship Drako, Offers Shoe Shopping Tips, Wins CXM Readers’ Award

    Sidi at Sea Otter 2014. © Cyclocross Magazine

    At the 2014 Sea Otter Classic, a handful of companies were showing cyclocross-worthy shoes (see Lake Cycling’s latest offerings from Sea Otter. Sidi, the famous Italian shoe brand was one of those companies, and we stopped in for a look at the…

  • Lake Introduces New Colors on MX331-Cross Shoes, Heat-Moldable Soles and Socks at Sea Otter

    The classic MX331-Cross shoe from Lake. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Employees at Lake shoes have been busy in the past few months working to not only have new models ready for Sea Otter, but to have them ready to be shipped to dealers as well—often those two things don’t go…

  • Mechanical Mondays: When To Repair Your Cleats

    Will your cleats survive the season? Kenton Berg

    OK people, it’s August, races are coming up quick, and ’cross prep is happening around the country. Now that you’ve dialed in the bike parts, shaved some weight off of your frame (bike or otherwise), gotten the tubies set to roll, what’s left? Well, its time to work on the shoes, two of the key contact points with your bike, and remove the opportunity for dirt, sticks, mud, rocks or other debris to get caught up between the shoe sole and your cleat. Face it, you just can’t go as fast or crush your competitors without being clipped in fully.

  • UCI to Mandate Disc Brakes, Regulate Gloves and Shoes in 2012

    Expect to see lots of homebrew brake solutions like this as racers try to comply with new UCI regulations for the 2012 cyclocross season. © Paul Guerra

    by Paul Guerra Due to slower-than-expected adoption of disc brakes at the top level of the sport after their legalization a year ago, the UCI has made the surprising off-season decision to mandate the use of them at all UCI-sanctioned…

  • New Product Spotlight: Stuffitts Shoe Savers


    by Kenton Berg If there is one thing that most all ’cross racers suffer from it is wet, stinky shoes. So unless you never race when the mud and rain show up, you’ve had the challenge of drying your Sidis, or whatever…

  • Interbike 2010 Shoe Show: Bont and Louis Garneau

    While exploring Interbike booth-to-booth, we came across some interesting new shoe options from both Louis Garneau and Bont. We also got a peak at the 2011 Louis Garneau Steeple-X, which was tucked away in a back room since it won’t…

  • Giro Steps into Footwear with 2011 Shoe Line

    If you happened to focus on Levi Leipheimer’s feet during the Tour de France, you may have noticed a logo that seemed, at first, out of place. Leipheimer also raced Giro’s top off-road shoes, the Code, to victory in the…

  • More Interbike Cross Goods: Tires, Frames, Shoes and more

    Tired of seeing new ‘cross stuff? We’re not, and only wished we had more time. Here’s some more ‘cross goods that we found at Interbike. Tire lovers should rejoice with Continental’s big investment in ‘cross clinchers and tubulars. Some new…

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