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  • Digital Magazine Update: Issues 6, 7, 13 Now Available!

    Cyclocross Magazine Issue 13 cover

    We’ve been getting a bunch of questions about the digital magazine, especially Issue 13, and wanted to announce that our much-loved and highly-discussed Issue 13 has been available for several weeks now, as well as several more back copies, including…

  • Interbike 2011: New and Updated Cyclocross Tires, Part 1

    Vredestein is eyeing the cyclocross market, and showed off their new Black Panther tread. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Cyclocross tires are arguably the only cyclocross-specific components found on a ’cross bike. Cantilever brakes, drivetrain components, and cockpits are all used by other types of bikes and other types of riding. With this in mind, we pay particular attention to…

  • Interbike 2011: Vee Rubber Shows Off Eight New Cyclocross Tires

    The Vee Rubber tires all have V designs in the name and tread. Here we have the Flying V, Race V, 7 and Rail cyclocross tires come in 700x35c and some in 40c. Interbike 2011. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Vee Rubber might just be the oldest bicycle tires company you’ve never heard of, having made bicycle and motorcycle tires in Thailand since 1977. For cyclocrossers, that’s about to change, as the tire company showed off no fewer than eight…

  • Tire Review: Michelin Jet Cyclocross Clincher

    Michelin Jet cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Cyclocross Tire Review: Michelin Jet Cyclocross 700x30c Clincher Riding and Racing Impressions: The Michelin Jet replaced the well-loved green Michelin Sprint cyclocross tire, and like its predecessor, it is intended for dry, fast courses. As a rear tire, it lives…

  • New Product Spotlight: Panaracer Cedric Gracia Cyclocross Tire (CGCX)

    by Paul Guerra Cyclocross Magazine got its first look at the new Cedric Gracia cyclocross tire at QBP’s FrostBike 2011 Expo, but now we’ve got a pair in hand for testing. Here’s our first detailed look at the new cyclocross…

  • New Cyclocross Tires from Interbike

    If you stop to think about it, there really are only two cyclocross-specific components on a ‘cross bike: cyclocross tires, and lately, cyclocross-specific cantilever brakes. We roamed the desert and hallways of the Sands Convention Center to see what’s new…

  • New Product Spotlight: Challenge Fango Cyclocross Tubular Tire

    Cyclocross Magazine has pulled off yet another first, with the first inspection of a pre-production model of the Challenge Fango tubular cyclocross tire. Like the popular Grifo, the Fango is a hand-made tire with 260 tpi poly-cotton casing. But unlike…

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