Flats happen. So what do you do when you blow a sidewall on a tubular, can’t patch your tube or your favorite sealant won’t do the trick? Lauren Junker at Totally Tubular Design has the answer — you make a bag, wallet or bracelet out of it!

We caught up with Totally Tubular Design at Surf City CX, where we were able to chat and take a look at their product offerings. Totally Tubular Design was born in Santa Cruz, CA by Junker, who is on a mission to save trash from the landfill and give it new life as useful — and stylish — bags and accessories. We’ve reviewed a Totally Tubular Design shoulder bag dressed with green Michelin Mud cyclocross tire treads in the past, and are always drawn to Totally Tubular’s products that feature cyclocross tires, seen in the slideshow below.

See a cyclocross tire-embedded product you like, but don’t just want any cyclocross tread? If you want to honor your favorite Dugast Rhino, and give it a new life after a premature flat, Totally Tubular Design aims to please. Don’t fret — Totally Tubular will turn your beloved tire into one of its stock products that Totally Tubular already makes for no extra charge. The process starts with just an email to Junker at [email protected].

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or so they say. Junker and Totally Tubular are proof positive this old adage is true. See a few of the products that caught our eye at the Surf City CX race at Harbor High in the slideshow below.

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The Totally Tubular Designs Small Zip (bottom) will run you $28. Need more space? The Big Zip (top) can be yours for $35. © Cyclocross Magazine

The Totally Tubular Design Small Zip (bottom) with the iconic green Michelin Sprint cyclocross tire will run you $28. Need more space? The Big Zip (top) with a Grifo tread can be yours for $35. © Cyclocross Magazine

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