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  • Training Tuesday: Matt Fitzgerald, Sports Nutrition Extraordinaire

    Nutrition and race weight are just as important to cyclocross as they are to any other kind of racing. puuikibeach

    Because no one has written much on nutrition for cyclocross racers, we at Cyclocross Magazine decided to ask Fitzgerald for some cyclocross-specific advice. As ’crossers, we have interesting nutritional needs: we race in all types of temperatures and climates, we go hard for 45 minutes two days a week and then recover to do it all again and of course, we do love the beer tent. We’re a nutritional enigma, trying to eat healthy surrounded by waffle carts and chocolate-covered bacon and trying to stay svelte for a long season that often isn’t a racer’s main season is a challenge in and of itself. It gets even harder when racers’ schedules demand a lot of recovery and travel time, and little by way of long hours on the bike. Luckily, Fitzgerald had some tips for us.

  • An Insider Guide to Wisconsin Beer: A Cyclocross Nationals Guide

    by Ted Burns Wisconsin is inextricably linked with beer. In a classic sign of over compensation or dearth of creativity the badgers named their baseball team after a bunch of beer makers. Regardless, they love their beer here and the…

  • Cyclocross Nationals Restaurant Guide: Madison, Wisconsin

    by Ted Burns Madison is home to one of the biggest farmer’s markets in the country, a huge university and a good contingent of lawyers so it should come as no surprise that the restaurant scene has flourished downtown, close…

  • 2012 USA Cyclocross National Championships Event Schedule and Local Guide for Madison, Wisconsin

    Check back here regularly for a (growing!) list of events at and surrounding the 2012 Cyclocross National Championships in Madison, Wisconsin. And to keep track of all the action, be sure to bookmark and regularly visit Cyclocross Magazine‘s 2012 Nationals…

  • Friar Tuck: A Trip to Westmalle Abbey Brewery

    For many cyclocross racers, the love of racing is only  rivaled only by a passion for hand-crafted beer. Ty Kurth is no exception to this. Kurth traveled to the Westmalle Monastery, just north of Antwerp, Belgium, to witness the production…

  • New Belgium Brewery Brings Cyclocross Series to Fort Collins

    Tightly-packed racing at New Belgium Brewery

    by Robbie Carver “Follow Your Folly” We here at Cyclocross Magazine like to say that ’cross is all about community. So when we hear about a group of people that are encapsulating that statement, we like to make sure they…

  • Czech Worlds Primer: ‘Cross, Beer and History from Tabor

    by Stephanie Chase With the upcoming World Championship races in Tábor, American fans will be sure to have a lot of questions, such as: is it still called Czechoslovakia? How the heck do you pronounce “Zdeněk Štybar?” And most importantly…

  • New Product Spotlight: Beer. Cupcake. Mustache. Cyclocross Book

    Beer. Cupcake. Mustache. Cyclocross Book

    No, we’re not reviewing beer, cupcakes, or mustaches (although we’d be happy to receive and review the first two). But we are taking a quick look at a new cyclocross book. Natalia McKittrick of Pedal Power Photography has just published…

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