Beer. Cupcake. Mustache. Cyclocross Book

Beer. Cupcake. Mustache. Cyclocross Book by Natalia McKittrick

No, we’re not reviewing beer, cupcakes, or mustaches (although we’d be happy to receive and review the first two). But we are taking a quick look at a new cyclocross book.

Natalia McKittrick of Pedal Power Photography has just published a book on cyclocross titled Beer. Cupcake. Mustache.

Beer. Cupcake. Mustache. is not a how-to book or purely a photography book. McKittrick says the book “explores cyclocross’ cultural aspects such as beer, cupcakes and mustache, draws some parallels with Belgian culture of cyclocross and tries to take the psychological aspect in consideration as well.”

It’s comprised of black and white photography and interviews with some of the mainstays of New England cyclocross – many of the same people you’ve read about in our magazine like Adam Myerson, Matt Kraus and Mark McCormack. But just as with our mag, McKittrick’s book isn’t only pro-focused; beginners and weekend warriors also make up some of the 50 interviews in the book.

Stay tuned as we’ll take a deeper look at her book…as soon as we get our own copy. McKittrick’s initial run was just 50 copies.

Beer. Cupcake. Mustache. retails for $28.

For more info:  Pedal Power Photography