Thanks to the help of the Cyclocross Magazine community, your favorite little magazine has been selected from nearly 2,000 submissions in Intuit’s Small Business Grant Competition as one of the top 60 entries! For our true short story from Kansas City, we’ve won a cute little Flip video camera which will be put to good use this fall in enhancing our race coverage and online content. Judging was based on 40% votes and 60% quality of the essay, and although the contest was open for four months, we found out late and entered with just two weeks to go and pushed our way through the field.

Some of you may remember that we were competing to be one of the top 50 entrants and receive a $5k grant, with a chance to compete for a $25k grand prize by putting together a winning video. Unfortunately, we only made the top 60 and are stuck in the 10 Alternate Finalists group. Darn. At least we got the beer prime!

So what does an Alternate Finalist mean? If the all 50 finalists don’t meet all the requirements we may sneak into that finalist group. It also means, like the finalists, we need to put together a video submission, which will be considered and voted on if some other entrants flake. It’s kinda like training for Worlds but being an alternate team member, knowing your efforts will most likely never be on display. But it’s all about the experience and journey, right? We’re still hoping one of the finalists is Pedro Delgado but won’t hold our breath.

Despite feeling like we got nipped at the line, we’re proud our late entry made it this far. A BIG thanks to all of you who voted.  Unfortunately we learned a lesson that just like with cyclocross, start position matters quite a bit in these contests!

Note: If anyone has some video production or screenplay writing experience and wants to help out with our short video, drop us a comment below or in the forums – we’ll probably still give it a shot!