Single Speed World Champs “Crowned” in Portland

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Men's Podium - Rated R, photo by Andrew Yee

by Steve Ransom and Andrew Yee

Over 140 riders contested the inaugural Single Speed World Championships ( SSCXWC) in Portland. Hosted by River City Bicycles and the infamous and popular Cross Crusade series, the race had a bit of serious racing combined with a huge focus on fun. Riders qualified for Sunday’s main event through a one-lap prologue time trial on Saturday, but had a few options to lower their time via an off-road decent on aero-bars, and successfully bunny hopping barriers with a six pack of beer. The top 56 riders based on adjusted time qualified, but slower folks had a few more chances to participate in the big event by whining to promoters, chugging beer under 3 seconds, or racing a “last chance” mass start qualifying race, with the top 15 moving on. And if you were a big-named pro, you could skip Saturday’s festivities entirely (but why would you want to miss the fun?) and weasel your way into Sunday’s race. Ryan Trebon and Barry Wicks qualified 1-2, with Shannon Skerrit coming in right behind the Kona boys. Top times were just under 8 minutes, with the qualifying cutoff at 9:18 for the men.

Barry Wicks Speeds Toward the Golden Speedo - photo by Steve Ransom

Barry Wicks Wants the Speedo! photo by Steve Ransom

Sunday’s race provided a series of surprises, including a reverse-seed starting order, a tequila shot short-cut, and crazy costumes, beer, and unusual bikes (okay, for Portland, this is normal). In the men’s race, Trebon plowed his way through the 75-rider field in the first half lap, but Adam Craig and Barry Wicks quickly joined up. Craig took the final climb to the finish in the lead, but distracted by the temptation of a beer handout, he gave the baggy-clothed Wicks a chance to slip by for the win.

The women’s race was dominated by River City Cycles, with Saturday’s top qualifier Wendy Williams cruising to a win over teammates Emily VanMeter and Sue Butler. These winners were “crowned” with a golden, rainbow-striped speedo, and a golden, rainbow-striped bikini

Women's Podium, Williams in Gold photo by

Williams Wins Gold, and the Ahearne Frame, photo by

A Real Aero Helmet - photo by Steve Ransom

Helmets, bikes, and techniques varied, photo Steve Ransom.

Megan Weaver Qualified Second - And Is Ready for the Tequila Pit - photo by Steve Ransom

Megan Weaver warmed up with a few Tequila shots, photo by Steve Ransom.

some real racing took place - in the b/single speed race, by Andrew Yee

Real racing took place in the noon singlespeed/men B race, by Andrew Yee

Many different incentives to ride fast - SS and Men B, photo by Andrew Yee

This rider almost crashed from the course-side distractions, by Andrew Yee.

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Stay-tuned for our full coverage of the event in our second issue!



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We drove up 12 hours for the fun and to spectate a great race. I've raced in Portlandistan a couple times. a great vibe for 'cross events.
hands down........ this was the greatest party/race we think we'll ever see, until another one comes there.
My nephew was awestruck the whole time.


Buy me a ticket & I'll come over & cheer in Belgium... in my bikini!


That was one of the single best bike races I have ever had the pleasure of attending and participating in. The crowd by the bowl during the single speed world championship smelled like a frat house. Everything was out of control... Barry Wicks in a gold lamé speedo? I never wanted to leave as warranted by the "Best Day Ever" spaz out video on my blog:

Larry G
Larry G

I'm moving to Portland....wuz up Ryam M?


Hell yeah! Heck, I wish we had bikinis in the mid-west...


God blessed America. There are no bikinis in Belgium

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