The Olympics: Cyclocross-Style

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Marianne Vos is arguably the winningest female cyclist in the world right now. Bart Hazen

Marianne Vos is arguably the winningest female cyclist in the world right now. Bart Hazen

Marianne Vos took the gold in the women’s road race, the announcer mentioned her cyclocross career (even if he did call it a “strange little sport”) and a few of our favorite racers will be taking to the start line in the MTB XC race next weekend. So even if there isn’t an Olympic event for cyclocross, we can dream.

In the meantime, before the MTB event, you can catch up with Olympians Geoff Kabush, Todd Wells and Georgia Gould after the Windham World Cup, talking about their Olympic plans and goals.

Hey cyclocrossers- what events do you like watching in the Olympics? What makes you miss cyclocross season the most?

Christopher Jensen” “1) rowing and modern pentathlon and 2) not being CX season!”

Robyn Michelle Angeles “Umm, the MTB race because the course is not technical basically cross on a MTB bike …Pauwels! I wish Marianne Vos was doing the women’s event!”

Ben Smith: “Isn’t it ‘cross season yet?”

Andrew Stackhouse: “The events stage of the horsy 3-day race – course would have been perfect for cross!”

Ted Christian: “Take the pool, stretch it out to one three-meter wide loop, add some left and right turns, put some bars down low for swimmers to go under, separate the length by running over sand into 3 zones of different temperatures (frigid, tepid, hot). Now we’re talking …”

Joseph Dabbs: “The MTB XC, of course”

Joe Bellante: “Volleyball … the other sport with tall socks.”

Peter Iverson: “I like watching Vos hand the roadies their ass’s.”

Cyclosomatic: “The women’s road race was the most inspiring for me, making me reader to hammer. Vos was incredible.”

Fontosaurus: “I’d like to watch CX in the next winter Olympics. Just saying’.”

Our favorite answer:

Brian Kelly: “Equestrian … except let’s see the riders dismount and carry the horses over the barriers instead.”



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