Georgia Gould and Katerina Nash working together off the front. © Jon Suzuki

Georgia Gould and Katerina Nash working together off the front together here, but at Windham it was a different story. © Jon Suzuki

Watching the women’s race at the Windham World Cup was heartbreaking for virtually everyone on course. Georgia Gould flatted just before the finish, and her 50-second lead on the second and third place riders (teammates Catharine Pendrel and Katerina Nash), quickly dwindled. In the end, she was nipped at the line and relegated to third place, disappointing fans that were hoping to see their US local take the win. Gould crossed the line and burst into tears, causing spectators, reporters, and fellow racers to all feel a bit choked up. Even as the podium ceremony happened, chants of “Georgia, Georgia!” could be heard in the crowd. Still, as she graciously explained, “That’s bike racing.”

She caught up with Cyclocross Magazine after the race, and after a brief moment of sadness about losing the win, she perked up and joked about having ice in her sports bra, her “light” schedule of World Cups, Nationals, and, of course, the Olympics. Ever the great sport, Gould’s professionalism far outweighed her disappointment and showed why she’s one of the greats in the cycling world.

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