Jenni Gaertner joins Motofish for the 2012 season. Motofish Images

Jenni Gaertner joins Motofish for the 2012 season. Motofish Images

Motofish Racing, a division of Motofish Images, is happy to announce that they have agreed to be the title sponsor of Jenni Gaertner for the upcoming cyclocross season. Raleigh Bicycles has also agreed to be the team’s bike sponsor. Jenni’s season will kick off at CrossVegas where Jenni rode to an impressive 19th place last year. From there, Jenni is planning to race a limited national schedule with a focus on races in the Pacific Northwest.  After racing for Raleigh last year, Gaertner found herself racing for a new contract at Deer Valley. Of the race and upcoming season, Jenni said that, “I never go into a race to lose, but at Dealer Camp it was evident how much work I need to do to be in the company of Nicole Duke! Although I do have to say, I was pretty damn excited to see how close I was to those top four that have had decent spring, summer training, racing schedules. I’m excited for September and October!”

Motofish Racing is the cycle club for Motofish Images, a commercial photography and production company based in Seattle, Washington.  Motofish has had a long standing relationship with Raleigh and continuing that relationship through the sponsorship of Jenni made a lot of sense. “We got to know Jenni last year from photographing her at races and producing a short film based on her experiences at CrossVegas for Raleigh,” said Chris Cumming, who along with Greg Sweney is a co-owner of Motofish Images.

“We found that Jenni represented many of the values that we have as bike racers. We try to give it our all on race day and in training but it is all balanced by family life and work life. This is the case for Jenni as well, she is one of the top female cyclocross racers in the US, but on Monday morning, she makes lunch for her kids and heads out to work much like the rest of us,” said Cumming “Plus she’s just a great person and hopefully will provide some inspiration for our local riders.”

“We are very happy to not only be able to help to continue to promote the sport of cyclocross racing but to support a great rider from the Pacific Northwest as well,” said Sweney. “We place tremendous value on our relationship with Raleigh as well and from our perspective the more people who are out there racing on their great bikes the better.”

Gaertner will also have a grassroots sponsorship from Raleigh, as well as a sponsorship from Shimano.

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