Proud and Amazed: Dani Dance, Founder of the SSCXWC Madness

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Dani Dance contemplating what she started at the 2007 SSCXWC. © Cyclocross Magazine

Dani Dance contemplating what she started at the 2007 SSCXWC. © Cyclocross Magazine

by Daniel Curtin

2007. The year that the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships was born. It’s been seven years and this weekend marks the race’s 2013 edition. Taking place in Portland, Oregon, for the first three years of its existence, SSCXWC has since moved about, first to Seattle, then San Francisco, then Los Angeles. This year’s SSCXWC will be held in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And everyone with an aversion to derailleurs and an affinity for a good time is going to be there.

One person who would love to be there, but can’t make the trip, is the race’s founder, Dani Dance. Life sometimes creeps in the way of attending the world’s most outrageous cyclocross race. But we revisited some past conversations with Dani and spoke with her again to get her take on what is, without a doubt, the most important, least serious race on the calendar.

Cyclocross Magazine: Dani, you unfortunately can’t make it this year. Is the race in good hands?

Dani Dance: I am very sad I am not going to Philly. Life just got in the way. I am excited that John Walrod and Rick Potestio are going to represent though. They were both instrumental in the creation of SSCXWC.

CXM: Have you been to all the other editions?

DD: I didn’t get to go to Seattle because I had just had my daughter, but I did, of course, send Matthew to get a full report. San Francisco was actually the first SSCXWC I raced! It was so much fun, despite the serious lack of fitness. At many points during the race I would just get giddy and think, “Wow, we started this thing.” We almost didn’t make San Francisco because a 10 hour drive with a 14-month-old is a lot, but she was such a trooper both directions. Also, with the men and women’s races being separate, Matthew and I were able to do a quick baby hand-off between the races. We were both very happy that we made the trip. It was a great race. I was never able to do the race while it was in Portland because I was always in panic mode making sure that everything was covered.

CXM: What do you think of Philly as host?

DD: I think Philly is going to knock it out of the park! People will be talking about this one for a while.

CXM: How soon into or after the first SSCXWC in 2007 were you thinking about the next year, if at all?

DD: Being the first year and just flying by the seat of our pants, I remember being so excited and kind of bewildered that we actually pulled it off. I believe I started thinking about the following year right away.

Erik Tonkin at the infamous tequila shortcut. SSCXWC 2007. © Cyclocross Magazine

Erik Tonkin at the infamous tequila shortcut. SSCXWC 2007. © Cyclocross Magazine

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