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  • A New ’Crosser Reflects on His First Season—Newbie Tips

    Nick DiGangi is a proper New Englander and an affinity for heavily hopped ales. After missing 2012 Cross season due to injury, he approached 2013 with an open mind shares his thoughts (along with his buddy Seth Lincoln) over at Not Quite Belgian.

    Nick DiGangi is a proper New Englander and an affinity for heavily hopped ales, and now, for ’cross. After missing 2012 ’cross season due to injury, he approached 2013 with an open mind shares his thoughts (along with his buddy…

  • Introducing Our New FAQ Section: Info Every ’Crosser Should Know

    Kaitlin Antonneau Women's Clinic Group Circle by Joe Bellante

    Lately, we’ve been covering the latest tech news, featuring great races, talking summer training and getting in-depth with some great racers. But we realized that with the season coming up quickly, and with cyclocross being the fastest growing field of…

  • Coaching Corner: Building Your Own Barriers

    15 minutes and 15 dollars is all you need to build a set of practice barriers. © Molly Hurford

    Building a set of collapsible barriers with PVC pipe is a piece of cake! If you’ve ever attending a cyclocross practice session, you probably have seen a set of PVC barriers erected. For one thing, they’re incredibly easy to break down and set up. An added bonus is that if a newer, more unsteady rider crashes into them (or if a seasoned pro comes in too hot and crashes into them), it won’t really hurt anything but his or her pride.

  • Finding a ’Cross Camp That’s Right For You: Part 1 of 2

    Here, Jeremy Powers conducts a clinic for his local riding group, the NCC. © Cyclocross Magazine

    by Jacob Fetty By now it is commonly accepted that ’cross is a game of skills as much as it is a game of fitness. Camps and clinics are great ways to expand your skills capacity, and this concept, like…

  • Cyclocross for Newbs: Lessons Learned Looking Back on My First Season

    Helen Wyman Dominated both days of racing at Gloucester. Will she repeat in 2012?

    by Seth Lincoln Going into the 2012 cyclocross season, I had exactly zero racing experience and searched high and low for information that might help me to prepare to race ’cross. While there are some good articles out there, I…

  • Skills and Fitness on the Fritz? Consider a Clinic!

    A scene from a Jeremy Powers' Cyclocross Clinic. (File Photo)

    With so many clinics popping up in early September, we wanted to show this gem off again! Summer: a time to relax, have barbeques, hit the beach, and … get ready for cyclocross season. If you finished last season feeling…

  • Making Better Food Choices: A Column from Josh Schwiesow


    by Josh Schwiesow We recently discussed losing weight and counting calories here in the noob corner of Cyclocross Magazine. It was satisfying to me that this column generated some discussion, if not below in the comments section or in the…

  • Tackling Nutrition as a Noob: A Column by Josh Schwiesow


    By now, you’ve probably read about our newest noob columnist, Josh. He’s taken a hard look at how the first season of racing went overall, looked at his first race attempts, and now he’s tackling the technical side of things…

  • Rebecca Rusch Teaches Women Technique, Confidence and Serious MTB Skills – Video

    Showing proper techniques in a unique way at DirtFest. Cyclocross Magazine

    Last weekend at DirtFest, endurance world mountain bike champion Rebecca Rusch showed off her skills at several women-only clinics. She and pro downhiller Katie Holden demonstrated proper cornering and body positioning on the mountain bike trails just outside of State…

  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting … To Attend Your First Race: A Column by Josh Schwiesow

    “15 seconds…” Josh Schwiesow

    By now, you’ve probably read about our newest noob columnist, Josh. Why cyclocross and why now? Well, don’t ask us, just check out his first column. But in Josh’s timeline, now that he’s found his new bike and taken a…

  • First Lessons in Season One: A Column from Josh Schwiesow

    Although this is a race, like so many others, I had some serious time on my own personal cyclocross adventure. At least the course is scenic.

    By now, you’ve probably read about our newest noob columnist, Josh. Why cyclocross and why now? Well, don’t ask us, just check out his first column. But in Josh’s timeline, now that he’s found his new bike, he’s looking at…

  • Women’s Wednesdays: Clinics Down Under

    Testing out barrier hopping skills at the Dirty Deeds clinic. Andrew Blake

    by Kate Lansell The first Dirty Deeds (the cyclocross series that’s growing the sport in Australia) women’s skills session was held last Saturday at Darebin Parklands. For a misty Melbourne morning, it was great to have a bunch of enthusiastic women arrive…

  • Newbie News: Eight Tips to Starting Cyclocross

    Noob crossers discuss the finer points of the remount with Joes Garage pro Alec Donahue courtesy of Andrew J. Bernstein

    Over the year, and especially in the months leading up to the start of ’cross season, here at Cyclocross Magazine, we get a lot of questions from novice racers and people who are excited to be trying their first race in the fall. The main question we hear: “how do I get started?”

    In this new bi-weekly feature, Newbie News, we’ll be talking about how to get started racing cyclocross, regardless of skill level, budget or fitness. We wanted to start this column with a bang, and give you a preview of what’s to come as the weeks progress and the season gets closer and closer.

  • Video: Barriers, Remounts and Dismounts with the Keough Brothers

    Jesse, Luke and Nick Keough show how to take corners.

    by Molly Hurford If you’re part of the New England cyclocross scene, you’ve probably come across a Keough or two while racing. As the managers and racers for Keough Cyclocross presented by Champion Systems, the crew is hard to miss,…

  • Newbie News: Cyclocross Preparedness Will Out-Fox Your Competitors

    Genevieve Whitson warming up at the 2010 Belgian World Cross Cup. Photo Courtesy of Genevieve Whitson

    In the just-released Issue 14, our regular contributors all chipped in with advice for a piece on 25 Things to Do on Raceday (and Robbie Carver threw in his own, more lighthearted, race essentials list, which included such things as…

  • Newbie News: Remounting (Video)

    Learning remounts and dismounts is key for taking barriers smoothly. Molly Hurford

    Here at Cyclocross Magazine, we’re excited to launch our first of many how-to videos. In this series, we’ll be asking elite riders to show us how they perfected skills like remounts, dismounts, cornering, barriers, sand and quite a few other tricks.

  • Newbie News: Cyclocross Transitions and the Time-Space Continuum

    Taking barriers is a piece of cake if you practice! Erik Tonkin

    One of the best cyclocross skills to learn as a new racer is learning how to take “transitions.” (Not just barriers: transitions can mean a lot of different obstacles.) In this article, Erik Tonkin of Sellwood Cycles writes about how…

  • Newbie News: Why Do A Clinic?

    Practicing barriers at the Rutgers Cyclocross Clinic. Molly Hurford

    The idea of going to a cyclocross clinic can be daunting for some. It’s nerve-wracking to be confronted with trying new techniques, learning completely new skills or even just practicing old ones in front of a crowd. And for me, lining up and taking an off-camber taped-off turn with everyone else watching sounds sort of like the fourth or fifth circle of hell. However, it’s not that bad. Really. In fact, it can be pretty darn fun, not to mention extremely helpful.

  • Training Tuesday: Building a Base in the Off-Season

    Periodization Training for Cyclocross

    June is here in just a week, and September and racing season are not too far behind. If you haven’t started coming up with a plan for the season, now is the time to start. We have a great article here by USAC Level 2 coach Mike Birner about how to start the season strong by building a good base over the summer. Birner believes that, “Base period should be about building the ‘engine,’” and following his advice will get you one high-horsepower motor!

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