GALLERY: 2012 European Cyclocross Championships – Wyman, Van Der Poel, and Teunissen Take their Crowns

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IPSWICH, GREAT BRITAIN – It was a day for the pre-race favorites at the European Cyclocross Championships, as Helen Wyman won over Sanne van Paassen and Nikki Harris; Lars van der Poel continued his dominance over the junior field; and Mike Teunissen outsprinted Corne van Kessel and Loic Doubey for the U23 victory. Check out the Bart Hazen photo gallery below, followed by results. Full report to come!

Mike Teunissen outsprints his rivals to win the 2012 European Championships © Bart Hazen

Mike Teunissen outsprints his rivals to win the 2012 European Championships © Bart Hazen

Bart Hazen Photo Gallery:

2012 European Championships - Women

1Helen WYMANGreat Britain5 laps in 43:52
2Sanne VAN PASSENNetherlands+0:00
3Nikki HARRISGreat Britain+0:24
4Christel FERRIER BRUNEAUFrance+0:50
5Sanne CANTBelgium+1:14
6Lucie CHAINELFrance+1:26
7Gabriella DAYGreat Britain+1:30
8Louise ROBINSONGreat Britain+2:00
9Sophie DE BOERNetherlands+2:21
10Ellen VAN LOYBelgium+2:28
11Jasmin ACHERMANNSwitzerland+2:33
12Martina MIKULÁŠKOVÁCzech Republic+3:08
13Reza HORMESNetherlands+3:26
14Sabrina SCHWEIZERGermany+3:27
15Margriet KLOPPENBURGDenmark+3:54
16Karla ŠTÊPÁNOVÁCzech Republic+4:48
17Hannah PAYTONGreat Britain+5:11
18Bethany CRUMPTONGreat Britain+6:54

2012 European Championships - U23

1Mike TEUNISSENNetherlands6 laps in 48:19
2Corne VAN KESSELNetherlands+0:00
3Loïc DOUBEYFrance+0:01
4Jens ADAMSBelgium+0:02
5Wout VAN AERTBelgium+0:09
6Emiel DOLFSMANetherlands+0:19
7Clément VENTURINIFrance+0:22
8Tim MERLIERBelgium+0:22
9Toon AERTSBelgium+0:22
10Michael VANTHOURENHOUTBelgium+0:22
11Wietse BOSMANSBelgium+0:23
12Karel HNÍKCzech Republic+0:23
13Quentin JAUREGUIFrance+0:26
14Vojt?ch NIPLCzech Republic+0:27
15Gianni VERMEERSCHBelgium+0:31
16Laurens SWEECKBelgium+0:45
17Luca BRAIDOTItaly+0:59
18Michael BOROŠCzech Republic+1:07
19Tijmen EISINGNetherlands+1:14
20Lars FORSTERSwitzerland+1:14
21David VAN DER POELNetherlands+1:14
22Yannick MAYERGermany+1:18
23Michael SCHWEIZERGermany+1:36
24Gert-Jan BOSMANNetherlands+1:40
25Steven JAMESGreat Britain+1:45
26Fabian LIENHARDSwitzerland+1:54
27Stan GODRIENetherlands+2:11
28Ben SUMNERGreat Britain+2:11
29Bryan FALASCHIItaly+2:16
30Jakub SKÁLACzech Republic+2:23
31Hugo ROBINSONGreat Britain+2:31
32Lukas MÜLLERSwitzerland+2:38
33Johannes SIEMERMANNGermany+3:18
34Felix DRUMMGermany+3:18
35Toni BRETSCHNEIDERGermany+3:43
36Andrew HARGROVESGreat Britain+3:54
37Dylan PAGESwitzerland+4:22
38Jack CLARKSONGreat Britain+4:34
-Fabien DOUBEYFranceDNF
-TomᚠPAPRSTKACzech Republic-
-Adam MARTINGreat BritainDNF
-János PANYIHungaryDNF

2012 European Championships - Juniors

1Mathieu VAN DER POELNetherlands5 laps in 41:25
2Clément RUSSOFrance+0:31
3Yannick PEETERSBelgium+0:31
4Martijn BUDDINGNetherlands+0:38
5Nicolas CLEPPEBelgium+0:43
6Gioele BERTOLINIItaly+1:03
7Kobe GOOSSENSBelgium+1:12
8Thomas JOSEPHBelgium+1:25
9Quinten HERMANSBelgium+1:47
10Richard JANSENNetherlands+1:48
11Karel POKORNÝCzech Republic+1:52
12Marco KÖNIGGermany+1:53
13Adam ?OUPALÍKCzech Republic+1:53
14Jake WOMERSLEYGreat Britain+1:54
15Ward VAN LAERBelgium+1:55
16Lukas MEILERGermany+1:56
17Elie GESBERTFrance+1:59
18Benoit COSNEFROYFrance+2:03
19Manuel MÜLLERGermany+2:04
20Dominic GRABSwitzerland+2:13
21Simon VITZTHUMSwitzerland+2:18
22Jack RAVENSCROFTGreat Britain+2:19
23Stijn CALUWÉBelgium+2:55
24Bjorn VAN DER HEIJDENNetherlands+3:00
25Adrian AUERBACHERGermany+3:01
26Roman LEHKÝCzech Republic+3:02
27Adam KINGGreat Britain+3:06
28Harry FRANKLINGreat Britain+3:06
29Billy HARDINGGreat Britain+3:31
30Jan VASTLCzech Republic+3:38
31Justin RUDOLPHGermany+3:47
32Matthew HARGROVESGreat Britain+3:56
33Marco ZANELLAItaly+4:05
34Dominik VRÁNACzech Republic+4:35
35Raphael GAYFrance+4:58
36Giulio FRANZOLINItaly+5:11
-Ben BOETSBelgiumDNF
-Marcel MEGGYESIHungary-



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I didn't see any disc brakes in the photos.  Are discs slow to catch on at this level of racing?

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