No doubts about the outcome as Vos takes the win. © Thomas van Bracht

No doubts about the outcome as Vos takes the win. © Thomas van Bracht

NOMMAY, FRANCE – Marianne Vos (Rabobank-Liv Women) took the win in the seventh and final installment of the 2013-2014 Cyclocross World Cup in Nommay, edging out Sanne Cant (Enertherm-BKCP) for third place in the overall standings.

The battle that everyone was hoping to watch didn’t materialize, as Katie Compton (Trek Cyclocross Collective) dropped out in the second lap, reportedly after suffering an asthma attack.

This is the first time Compton has not been on the podium in this season’s World Cup campaign, bringing her five-in-a-row World Cup winning streak to an end. However, her points lead going into the final race guaranteed her the  World Cup title.

“It’s not nice to see [Compton] having problems in this race, but she’ll be back next week,” said Vos, alluding to the much anticipated competition between the pair at the Cycocross World Championships in Hoogerheide, Netherlands, on February 1.

After a slip on the initial run-up, just seconds into the start, Vos moved to the front and immediately upped the pace. By the beginning of the second lap, Vos had created a 30 second gap over a chasing Compton and Helen Wyman (Kona Factory Team).

With Compton dropping out of the race soon after, Wyman, the newly crowned British National Champion was left alone in second place, holding on to finish 1:33 behind Vos. Hovering around 15 seconds back, the Italian National Champion Eva Lechner (Centro Sportivo Esercito) put some distance on a battling Sanne Cant (Enertherm-BKCP) and Nikki Harris (Young Telenet-Fidea) to take third.

Cant moved ahead in the final lap to finish fourth, but it wasn’t enough to stay on the podium, dropping to fourth in the final standings, while Harris maintained her silver medal position for the series.

After sitting out some of the early season to recover from a minor back surgery, Vos finished second to Compton at World Cup events in Rome, Zolder and Namur, adding to the speculation that this might be the year for Compton to take the title. But Vos has continued to improve her strength in the lead-up to next week’s race. “It’s nice to win a race, and victory is always nice. It’s good for the confidence,” Vos added.

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Elite Women UCI World Cup #7 - Cyclo-cross de Nommay Results

1Marianne VOSNED2744:16:00200200
2Helen WYMANGBR3345:48:00160160
3Eva LECHNERITA2946:02:00140140
4Sanne CANTBEL2446:24:00120120
5Nikki HARRISGBR2846:35:00110110
6Ellen VAN LOYBEL3447:02:00100100
7Kaitlin ANTONNEAUUSA2247:10:009090
8Hanka KUPFERNAGELGER4047:49:008080
9Sophie DE BOERNED2447:53:007070
10Marlne MOREL PETITGIRARDFRA2647:56:006060
11Caroline MANIFRA2748:06:005858
12Meredith MILLERUSA4148:23:005656
13Alice Maria ARZUFFIITA2048:24:005454
14Christine MAJERUSLUX2748:26:005252
15Elisabeth BRANDAUGER2948:27:005050
16Loes SELSBEL2948:32:004848
17Sabrina STULTIENSNED2148:39:004646
18Elle ANDERSONUSA2648:48:004444
19Thalita DE JONGNED2148:49:004242
20Githa MICHIELSBEL3148:50:004040
21Francesca CAUZITA2248:59:003939
22Aida NUNO PALACIOESP3149:25:003838
23Yara KASTELIJNNED1749:37:003737
24Jolien VERSCHUERENBEL2449:52:003636
25Pavla HAVLIKOVACZE3150:14:003535
26Ayako TOYOOKAJPN3450:33:003434
27Lisa HECKMANNGER2650:37:003333
28Asa Maria ERLANDSSONSWE4050:48:003232
29Gabriella DURRINGBR3050:57:003131
30Pauline FERRAND PREVOTFRA2251:10:003030
31Karen VERHESTRAETENBEL2351:24:002929
32Sina FREISUI1751:26:002828
33Cindy BAUWENSBEL4051:28:002727
34Margriet Helena KLOPPENBURGDEN2651:53:002626
35Elena VALENTINIITA2251:53:002525
36Jessica LAMBRACHTGER1951:56:002424
37Agnes NAUMANNGER2852:02:002323
38Eva COLINFRA2152:10:002222
39Reza HORMESNED4752:44:002121
40Emeline GAULTIERFRA1852:52:002020
41Katrien THIJSBEL2953:05:001919
42Chiara TEOCCHIITA1853:15:001818
44Mara SCHWAGERGER321616
45Martina KUKULOVACZE191515
46Marlene PETITFRA231414
47Liv-Susanne BACHMANNGER351313
48Suzie GODARTLUX521212