Women's Zolder World Cup. Photo couretsy

You’re in extra luck, web readers – we have some catch-up work to do on Laurent Charras’ excellent ongoing video coverage of the women’s World Cup races. Charras’ Petitesreines French video operation wowed us with its coverage of the first three World Cups. If you missed the last video of the Koksijde World Cup, go back and get up to speed.

As we gear up for the final push of the European cyclocross season, culminating with the World Championships at the end of January, the videos below will undoubtedly bring your excitement about the women’s races to a fevered pitch. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: it’s awesome that this video series focuses squarely on the women’s events, which too often get short shrift. Straight outta Belgium, World Cups #4 and 5 from Kalmthout and Zolder!

Kalmthout Women’s World Cup Video:

Zolder Women’s World Cup Video::