Peter Webber wins back-to-back 40-44 National Championships. © Tim Westmore

Peter Webber is on fire in Europe. File photo from Bend, where he won back-to-back National Championships © Tim Westmore

While it may be natural to watch the young, up-and-coming domestic riders to see how American cyclocross is stacking up against the European peloton, some of the brightest signs of the quality of the sport in the US have come from the opposite end of the age-spectrum. Last year it was Kevin Hines (Corner Cycle) taking his newly-minted Masters stars n’ bars jersey (won in the 50-54 age group) over to Belgium, where he became the first foreigner to beat out all of the the Belgians at their own National Championship, and then followed that up with a podium performance at Masters Worlds.

Now Boulder Cycle Sport racer Pete Webber is following up his impressive race-winning performance in the 40-44 age group race in Bend, Oregon, by laying waste to the Masters in the cyclocross Motherland. Webber has competed in four races as part of his lead-up to the Masters World Championship in Mol, Belgium – and he’s won them all. Competitors in Beernem; Balegem; Vorden, Netherlands; and Waregem have all fallen by the wayside under the American’s relentless efforts.

The Masters Championship will take place on January 22nd, and if Webber wasn’t on European racers’ radar screens before, that has certainly changed now. Stay tuned to Cyclocross Magazine for coverage of the race action in Mol.

Here’s Webber’s YouTube report from the most recent event, in Waregem, Belgium: