Who doesn’t like some great drone footage of cyclocross racing? While some of the top European races have made such additions to their video coverage of the pros, we’re grateful it’s not just limited to UCI-sanctioned events.

Thanks to amateur drone pilots, we’ve got some professional-quality drone coverage of local races as well.

Lee Slone hung up his cleats for Day 2 of the 2021 Surf City Cyclocross weekend and gave flight to his DJI drone instead. He captured highlights from the infamous costume race, the Women’s race, and the Men’s A / singlespeed / tracklocross race.

Relive a bit of the nation’s longest-running cyclocross series with a little over four minutes of flight (and a few seconds of hand-held filming) below.

(The music, despite being originally royalty-free, may not be Lee’s choice but a Youtube option)

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Want more? Check out the slowmo vid of fixed-gear specialist Kell McKenzie bunnyhopping the barriers in the #tracklocross race on Day 1 of the Surf City Cyclocross race at Crest Ranch Farms:

Yes, that’s a fixed gear.