The CCXL (Central Cyclocross League) cyclocross series in the UK has been featuring some big fields. Some might even joke the XL stands for Extra Large field sizes.

This past weekend, at the third stop in Campbell Park, the women’s race featured at least 160 women taking the start.

Watch the massive field roll off the line:

Video creator Simon Askham says 161 women started the race.

Want a better view of the racing? We’ve got you covered, thanks to’s Fran Whyte and her action camera footage of the first lap:


Whyte describes the race as a “world record-breaking cx race” with 163 women taking the start all at once. On Facebook she recalled the race as “out of this world.”

British Cycling made an exception and allowed athletes to use cameras during the race.

Official results list 159 finishers and 165 starters.

With rising star Evie Richards as inspiration, and Helen Wyman’s Helen 100 initiative to encourage more young female racers to try cyclocross, the future of women’s cyclocross in the UK looks bright.

You can learn more about the Central Cyclocross League (CCXL) series here.