It’s been a few weeks from the mud-clogged SSCXWC 2016, but surfacing from underneath all that heavy mud is a pretty comprehensive 10-minute highlight video of the racing in Portland.

Production River captured much of the action and shenanigans in the loser’s race, the women’s championship race and the men’s championship race, including some of the key moments like Adam Craig launching off the ramp, and Sven Nys getting bombarded by exercise balls.

Whether you’re wrapping presents, waiting in line at the mall, or resting the legs or eyes before Monday’s World Cup, it’s worth a watch. The women’s championship race starts at 3:30, the men’s race starts at 5:38.

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Think singlespeed racing is constrained to such shenanigans? The more-serious one-gear category is once again the biggest field at the 2017 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships in Hartford.