As is gaining traction in the news, Trek Bicycles issued a large recall of their bikes manufactured from 2000 to 2015. The problem is mainly due to a quick release that can open past 180 degrees while riding, and getting caught in disc rotor, bringing the bike to an immediate halt, assuming it is installed on that side.

According to USA Today, three accidents were reported, and Trek said all included injuries, some to the face, a fractured wrist and one that resulted in the rider becoming a permanent quadriplegic.

Be safe out there and spread the word. And you might consider putting the quick release on the non-rotor side to be safe. Trek is offering a free assessment at their dealers. For more information, see Trek’s Press Release below:

Some Trek bicycles were sold equipped with disc brakes and a front quick release lever that opens past 180°. If the quick release is improperly adjusted or left open on a bicycle which also has a front disc brake, the quick release lever can become caught in the front disc brake assembly. If this happens, the front wheel could separate or come to a sudden stop and the rider could lose control of the bicycle.

Trek wants you to be safe. You should always correctly adjust the quick release on your bicycle before you ride.Trek’s Owner’s Manual contains detailed instructions for proper quick release installation and removal. If you do not have a Trek Owner’s Manual, see your local Trek retailer.

Additional information on proper quick release adjustment, including videos on quick release installation and removal, is available on Trek’s website: manuals and safety. More videos demonstrating proper quick release adjustment are available on Trek’s YouTube channel: without washers and with washers. We encourage you to review these materials and to consult your local Trek retailer with any questions regarding proper use of your quick release.

This letter contains important information regarding what to do next if you have one of these bicycles. Your safety is very important to us. Therefore, if desired, Trek will replace the front quick release mechanism on affected bicycle, free of charge. This includes replacement of the specially-designed quick release with washers if it has already been installed on your bike.


Any Trek bicycle equipped with disc brakes and a front quick release lever that can open beyond 180º and contact the disc brake assembly is affected. If you are unsure whether your bicycle has this combination, please take it to your local Trek retailer for a free inspection.


If you own a bicycle that is affected by this recall and would like a replacement quick release, Trek will provide you—through your Trek retailer—a free replacement quick release, including free installation. In addition, you will receive a $20 coupon to use towards any Bontrager product redeemable through December 31, 2015 at your local authorized Trek retailer. This coupon has no cash value. If you have any questions, please contact your retailer, or call Trek at the safety and recall hotline: 800.373.4594


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. We value you as a customer and want you to safely enjoy cycling on your Trek bicycle.