While the national titles have been handed out and our best are heading over to Europe, ‘cross racing isn’t over in the states. In Europe the season goes through February, and there are plenty of areas in the good ole USA that follow that tradition. Taking a look at our comprehensive cyclocross calendar, there are 32 races still left, offering the lucky local or traveling racer to get more than their fill of racing before the off-season really begins.

A few highlights:

The Virginia Beach Cyclocross Winter Endurance

The first annual Virginia Beach Cyclo-Cross Winter Endurance Challenge will be held January 17-18 at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex, featuring the Conte’s Bike and Fitness Cyclo-Cross race, Final Kick 5K Cross Country Run and a Fat Tire Duathlon. The Challenge is a unique event, offering great prize money and three different events for athletes: a cyclocross race, an off-road, duathalon with a 20k bike leg and a 5k trail run, and a 5k trail run. The ‘cross race is on Saturday, and the duathlon is on Sunday, so you can get two days of racing in. The bike portion of the duathlon is ‘cross bike friendly, so you can consider it a marathon ‘cross race with an extra-long run-up. For more information or to register, visit or call 1-800-822-3224.

Cross My Heart and the Superbowl of Singlespeed

Maryland extends its season to February 1st, the same day as the UCI Cyclocross World Championships and a little-known American football game. Not the spectator? Get outside that day and have your own fun. Or burn some calories before the Superbowl gluttony begins. This race mixes things up, with a reverse schedule letting the A racers race first and the little guys sleep in. It also offers a separate singlespeed category, a first for the area. For more info:

Peak Season and Santa Rosa Series

Northern California gets its season kicked off just after Labor Day, but true ‘cross weather doesn’t usually come until the December holidays roll around and the Euros are starting to peak for the major season races. So David Gill put together the “Peak Season” series to take advantage of the mud and provide great racing for those on the Sven Nys schedule. The races start this Sunday, 12/21 in Santa Cruz. More info:

Carlos Perez has extended the Norcal season to its latest date – February 14th! What could be better than spending Valentine’s Day with your honey at a ‘cross race? How about spending the day with your honey racing ‘cross, sampling some wine, staying overnight in a bed and breakfast, and then watching a few ‘crossers like Tim Johnson and Andy Jacques-Maynes roll into town on Sunday as they take part in an obscure, off-season sport called road racing in the Amgen Tour of California? More info:

Year Round Options

Those races may highlight the rest of the season ’08-09 season, but the ’09-10 season isnt’ far away. With just one month off, it’s time for the season opener – the March 15th Cult Cross, and then the rumored ‘cross race at Sea Otter, and later this summer, the Teva Games.

Visit our calendar to find a race near you.