Sven Nys at Treviso Worlds, by Joe SalesSven Nys, the most dominant ‘cross racer of his generation, is having a go at the mountain bike event at the Beijing Olympics next month. As part of his preparation and focus, he’s refusing all interviews before the Olympics. That means refusing all interviews from any publication, with the one exception of Cyclocross Magazine, of course. Through our Belgian correspondent and contributor Christine Vardaros, we’ve got a date with the ‘cross star. And just like at any World Cup, Nys wants to one-up Bart Wellens (interviewed in our Issue 2) and be the best interview we’ve had ever. Now is your chance to make that happen and steer our date with the star. No, you don’t get to tell Christine what to to wear (Nys is married) but you can tell us what you’d like to find out.

Jump on over to our beta forums, and post your suggested questions. We can’t guarantee we’ll get to all of them, but we can guarantee with all of your input, the interview will be better than us just asking what we want to know. You’ve only got a few days to get your questions in though, so do it now!