A week after the cyclocross world converged on Louisville for the Derby City Cup and Pan-American Championships, cyclocross racers again have their choice between two U.S. UCI events. The Northampton International is being held in Massachusetts and further west, riders will be descending on Tulsa, OK for the Cyntergy Hurtland one-day UCI C2 race on Sunday. Cyntergy Hurtland is one of two UCI races being held in the Tulsa area this season.

2016 Cyntergy Hurtland C2 Elite Women's race start. © Cyntergy Hurtland

2016 Cyntergy Hurtland C2 Elite Women’s race start. © Cyntergy Hurtland

Although only a UCI C2, the race has a healthy payout schedule, with $2,000 going to both the Women’s and Men’s winners. The race is presented by Tulsa Tough, which also puts on the eponymous road event during the summer.

Sunday’s race is being held at Owen Park in Tulsa. Jeremy Powers helped design the course, so riders should be in for a challenging ride.

Start lists for the Women’s and Men’s Elite races are below.

Women's Start List: 2017 Cyntergy Hurtland

SunnyGilbertEllisvilleMOVan Dessel Factory Team
AnyaMalarskiSaint PaulMNTransitions LifeCare p/b Easton-Garneau
CarolineManiVan Dessel / Atom Composites
AmandaNaumanMission ViejoCASDG - Muscle Monster
CarolineNolanChicoCAVoler / Clif / HRS / Rocklobster
RaylynNussLake Saint LouisMOMaplewood Bicycle
LaurelRathbunMonumentCODonnelly Cycling
SamanthaRunnelsaustinTXSquid Bikes
CarolSeippEaganMNOrion Racing p/b K'ul Chocolate
CampbellSteersSanta CruzCA
LaurenStephensDallasTXTeam Tibco Silcon Valley Bank

Men's Start List: 2017 Cyntergy Hurtland

TylerCloutierDallasTXTransitions LifeCare p/b Garneau-Easton
CodyKaiserEl Dorado HillsCALangeTwins / Specialized
BrendanLehmanSanta CruzCARock Lobster
TravisLivermonWinston SalemNCMaxxis/Shimano
SkylerMackeyTulsaOKKCCX Elite Cyclocross Team
TristanManderfeldSauk RapidsMNUnited States Military Endurance Sports
BrandonMelottWARR ACRESOKOKC Velo Bike Lab
DylanPostierStillwaterOKGarneau-Easton p/b Transitions LifeCare
AlexRyanLewisvilleNCMock Orange Bikes
MatStephensDallasTXBicycles Plus Racing