2021 Cyclocross World Cup Waterloo Start Lists: Elite Women


After all the build-up and hype from the lack of races due to COVID-19, the 2021 UCI Cyclocross World Cup in Waterloo is finally upon us! Riders are currently descending into Waterloo to get ready to preview the racecourse and prepare for the weekend’s race.

The 2018-2019 UCI Cyclocross Calendar is out, with Jingle Cross and World Cup Waterloo returning. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine

The 2021-2022 UCI Cyclocross World Cup season opens with three World Cups in the USA, starting with World Cup Waterloo. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine

The Elite Women’s race takes place on Sunday, October 10th at 2:30 PM (CDT), 3:30 PM (EDT) and 12:30 PM (PDT).

Below is a start list and a look at some of the riders to watch.

Elite Women

Some of the biggest names in cyclocross will be attending this event. Number one ranked 2021 UCI Cyclocross World Champion Lucinda Brand, 2021 Superprestige Middelkerke Champion Denise Betsema, 2019 USA National Champion and 2020 World Cup Dendermonde silver medalist Clara Honsinger, 2020 Koppenbergcross Champion Annemarie Worst, and 2019 Superprestige Gavere Champion Yara Kastelijin all will be attending the race.

Fresh off her second place in Paris Roubaix Femmes, Marianne Vos, the living legend, arguably the best bike racer of all time, will make the trip again to Waterloo, hoping to repeat her 2018 performance and take a muddy World Cup Waterloo.

There will be quite a turnout for the USA cyclists. Here is everyone from the USA that will be attending the race:

  1. Clara Honsinger
  2. Rebecca Fahringer
  3. Raylyn Nuss
  4. Katie Clouse
  5. Erica Zaveta
  6. Hannah Arensman
  7. Crystal Anthony
  8. Kaitlin Keough
  9. Madigan Munro
  10. Caitlin Bernstein
  11. Emily Werner
  12. Anna Megale
  13. Michaela Thompson
  14. Lauren Zoerner
  15. Sunny Gilbert (substitute)
  16. Austin Killips (substitute)

From our cousins up north in Canada, there’s a strong contingent:

  1. Maghalie Rochette
  2. Sidney Mcgill
  3. Nicole Bradbury
  4. Siobhan Kelly

California-based, U.S. fan-adopted Czech Katerina Nash will also take the start.

See the preliminary start list below in pdf form. The men’s start list for the 2021 UCI World Cup Waterloo is here.

Our 2021 UCI Cyclocross World Cup coverage is brought to you by Bike Rags Apparel with additional support from BikeIowa.

2021 Trek UCI Cyclocross World Cup Waterloo Start List: Elite Women

2021 Trek UCI Cyclocross World Cup Waterloo Start List: Elite Women



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