Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships Set to Raid Los Angeles on November 30 – December 2, 2012

Racers will crash UCI Cross After Dark finals at Los Angeles’ State Historic Park; Change of venue heralded for easy proximity to major transportation hub and opportunity to scar pro-level race course

Organizers of the 2012 Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships today have revealed that the race will take place at Los Angeles’ State Historic Park on November 30 – December 2, 2012. Registration for the event will be open in September and announced on the event website: as well as

Originally sited for Santa Cruz, California, Singlespeed Cyclocross Championships (SSCXWC) race organizers chose to relocate this year’s race venue to provide participants with hassle-free transportation and travel arrangements. Set underneath the Hollywood stars, the 2012 SSCXWC will take advantage of the UCI Cross After Dark race course while incorporating all the obstacles and features that racers have come to expect from a singlespeed championship race. The 2012 event will include two full days of racing, an underground bike tour of the retro L.A. basin and a Feats of Strength.

Race organizers are also opening the selection process for this year’s sponsors. Additional details can be found at

Check out last year’s Cyclocross Magazine coverage of the race, and check out Issue 16 for our great photo coverage.

From the Promoter:

by Murphy Mack

Yeah, we know we said Santa Cruz.

But here’s what happened: First, after looong conversations with the bureaucracy of Santa Cruz’s local parks for a couple of months, we determined they don’t have a park big enough for an event like SSCXWC where we can mix dirt and pavement (yes, we tried Wilder, De Laveaga, etc, etc). So we moved on to the state, rather than local, parks in the area and were told that a permit would take “about six months” to get (emphasis on “about”) and we’d have to hire several additional overtime rangers for our event. Why? To enforce their no-alcohol policy. Um, yeah… no. That left us with one option and it was twenty miles outside of town (good ol’ Watsonville fairgrounds, for you in the know).

But here’s the thing… we want you to spend your time at SSCXWC riding bikes and kicking it with everyone at great spots, rather than driving to and from the airport in a rental car with a bike rack you have to drag along with you. Not to mention, we didn’t want you driving back and forth from Santa Cruz to a distant venue to race each day (because, no harm intended, who wants to stay the night in Watsonville?). In short, no rental car needed = more money in your pocket.

It was during this arduous process that we learned the UCI SoCal ‘Cross After Dark Final and festival in Los Angeles was scheduled for the same weekend that we had blocked out for SSCXWC. Hmm…

Yep, it’s settled. We’re crashing their party. UCI, meet SSCXWC. They’ll find out what’s really up, and learn a thing or two about heckling. Moreover, we’re going to use the legit world-class cross course that is being built for the UCI race and, SSCXWC style, add our own kick-ass sections of dirt and an amazing assortment of oversized barriers.

Even more upside: you can fly into LAX or Long Beach airport with your bike and backpack, jump on the Metro (L.A.’s subway) and get dropped off at the race venue in downtown L.A. next to Dodger Stadium. You’ve seen it in 100 movies. Near Echo Park, eh. Chinatown. L.A. to the core (Seattle and SF ain’t got nothin’ on this). Plus, have you checked the plane ticket prices to LAX lately? Cheapest on the west coast. And lastly, there are loads of hotels in the area for every budget and easy access to the park on your bike.

We like. Done. Be there. Register.

Oh yeah, and as if we need to remind you again … if you win, you get the tattoo.