It’s been five years since Dani Dance and Rich Maile first conceived the idea of the Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships, and cyclocross in general and singlespeed specifically has grown quite a bit in the following years. After three years in Portland, and another in Seattle, a San Francisco crew, led by promoter Murphy Mack and apparel maker Sheila Moon, landed the event, after an unsuccessful attempt to bring the SSCXWC to the Bay Area for 2010.

The Pool of Filth proved to be a surprisingly refreshing obstacle for some. SSCXWC 2011. © Tim Westmore

The Pool of Filth proved to be a surprisingly refreshing obstacle for some. SSCXWC 2011. © Tim Westmore

As the event has aged, has it matured? Cyclocross Magazine has participated in each event, and although the number of participants has grown and the location has gone from a remote park outside Portland to one of the biggest urban parks in the nation (Golden Gate Park), for the majority of participants, the event still remains a less-than-serious, costume-laden, crowd-pleasing and beverage-consuming affair that offers a splendid slice of cyclocross culture that highlights cyclocross and singlepseeding’s appeal to the urban and wattage-agnostic crowd.

SSCXWC 2011 Race Highlights and Aerial Coverage Video:

At the front, one could argue that the event and its increased attention have attracted increased talent and more serious racing, especially on the women’s side.  Although the most stacked men’s field may still be the 2007 event with Ryan Trebon, Barry Wicks, Adam Craig and Carl Decker, these top racers stopped for tequila shots and soft-pedaled laps, without an attempt to sprint for the win. The women’s field in 2007? Just over a dozen racers, with Wendy Williams taking the win while having to navigate through the men’s field.

Fast forward to 2011, and racers from Rapha-Focus hopped on a quick flight in an attempt to bring home a few world titles, and a separate women’s field attracted nearly 100 racers and no less than six former national and world champion title holders. While most were in full costumes, at the front, the racing was mostly a heads-down, all-out affair.

Recent wet weather turned a typically-sandy Golden Gate course into a slippery, muddy course worthy of any national championship, albeit one with some interesting obstacles. Four different three-foot-high logs brought Bay Area “jungle cross” back to the forefront, and a knee-high water pool created a crowd-pleasing opportunity for racer interaction and diverse hand-ups. The most head-scratching (literally) obstacle was a low-hanging platform that rung the cowbell of several racers, including contender Aaron Bradford and Cyclocross Magazine’s Andrew Yee.

In the women’s race, former national champion Devon Gorry (Rambuski Law) grabbed the holeshot in the Le Mans-style start, holding that lead through the giant tree barriers, with France’s Julie Krazniak (Rapha Focus – in an “I Love Weiners” kit) and Mary McConneloug (Kenda – NoTubes – Seven) chasing.  Not far behind was a less serious, but no less accomplished group that included fully costumed and recently retired Barb Howe and Rachel Lloyd. The front three quickly stretched out a lead on the first lap, entering the “Pool of Filth” water pit together, with Gorry emerging out of the crowd-lined pit in front after Krazniak and McConneloug fell when jumping into the deep pool.

Video highlights of Women’s Staging and Race Highlights:

Video of First Barrier of Unusual Size:

Soon Krazniak escaped her companions, growing her gap while hoisting her newly-built Focus Mares singlespeed over three-foot logs and up a 100-foot-long run-up. In the muddy conditions, she put her Portland and France-honed mud skills to good use, sliding around the slick, hidden root-laden course in a rush to cross the finish line one last time. Behind her, Gorry, McConneloug, and a hard-chasing Howe started to close in with faster third and fourth laps. Krazniak kept her lead, but barely, in her mad dash to the finish. Why the rush? Besides the allure of a Golden Speedo and an SSCXWC 2011 tattoo, Krazniak had a 5 pm flight back to France, and would need a quick fitting for her new Golden Speedo.

The men's Le Mans start. SSCXWC 2011. © Tim Westmore

The men’s Le Mans start. SSCXWC 2011. © Tim Westmore

In the men’s race, 150 racers lined up for the main event, after successfully qualifying through Saturday’s qualifying heats or via pixie cross races at Saturday’s party. Although both Rapha-Focus’ Chris Jones and Jeremy Powers were listed on the start list, Jones was the sole team representative, hoping to keep his recent unbeaten streak at Golden Gate Park alive. Other notable hopefuls making the final cut included mountain bike pro Michael Broderick (Kenda – NoTubes – Seven), defending champ Drew Mackenzie, Raleigh’s Craig Etheridge, and top locals including Krishna Dole (Sheila Moon), Aaron Bradford and Scott Chapin (both Rock Lobster / Bay101) and Don Myrah (Buy / Ibis).

Promoters sent the entire men’s field down below the slippery long run-up for another Le Mans start, and the intentional bottleneck quickly strung out the field by the time racers were on their bikes.

Video of Men’s Le Mans Start:

Half a lap into the race, pro cyclocross fans saw a familiar sight—a Rapha-Focus jersey powering off the front, only this time it was Jones defending his perfect record of three wins in a row at Golden Gate Park. Behind, Dole and Broderick led the chase, but it was futile. Jones displayed his UCI cyclocross pedigree, powering through the course with grace and class, quickly expanding his lead and rapidly lapping a large portion of the field. He politely weaved his way through a hundred lapped racers on his way to the championship win and the Golden Speedo, causing several lapped participants to call Jones “the nicest pro to ever to lap me.”

Not everyone would applaud the racer, as Jones and his teammate Krasniak didn’t celebrate their wins with permanent ink, insulting hardliners who were of the opinion the tattoo was mandatory and causing a minor Internet firestorm.

Chris Jones' laps a rider and hops a tree on his way to the SSCXWC 2011 title. © Kevin White

Here, Chris Jones’ laps a rider and hops a tree on his way to the SSCXWC 2011 title. © Kevin White

Jones, who lives in Auburn, Calif., a 90-minute drive from San Francisco, is no stranger to racing in San Francisco, but didn’t plan his season to include a singlespeed championship. Jones told Cyclocross Magazine, “This came together pretty last minute, I didn’t know if I could make it but Rapha really wanted us here.” Even singlespeed racing was new for Jones. “My first ride on this bike was today…the head mechanic just chose a gear for me, I think it’s a 42×17.”

With the two winners racing off to catch flights, a full podium presentation didn’t happen, and with temperatures dropping and darkness approaching, racers and fans scattered for the after-party or to clean up the aftermath of the day’s adventure. Another SSCXWC has passed, quite possibly the highlight of the season for many racers not planning on a trip to Madison or Louisville.

Where will SSCXWC 2012 be held? Cyclocross Magazine‘s sources say it’s going to be in Santa Cruz, home of the original jungle cross. Stay tuned.

Full results are below the galleries.

Photo Gallery by Steve Anderson:

Photo Gallery by Andrew Yee, Kevin White:

SSCXWC 2011 Women's Results Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships San Francisco

PlaceRacer#F (avg)
1Julie Krasniak505:46':45(15'35")
2Devon Gorry485:46':50(15'37")
3Mary McConneloug527:46':51(15'37")
4Barb Howe472:46':55(15'38")
5Lisa Curry519:48':25(16'08")
6Kathleen Hanon510:48':35(16'12")
7Joele Guynup501:49':15(16'25")
8Bridget Brown473:50':06(16'42")
9Rachel Loyd532:50':36(16'52")
10Megan Lawson529:51':06(17'02")
11Stella Carey546:51':32(17'11")
12Christina Begy482:51':34(17'11")
13Salene Yeager541:51':36(17'12")
14Mary Moncorge525:52':21(17'27")
15Allison Baumhefner467:53':16(17'45")
16Jen Jordan499:53':30(17'50")
17Kelly Chang556:53':46(17'55")
18Dani Dance483:54':46(18'15")
19Erin Durkee488:55':08(18'23")
20Julie Zichovich504:55':14(18'25")
21Sarah Maeile539:55':23(18'28")
22Amanda Schaper468:55':46(18'35")
23Sheila Moon543:55':53(18'38")
24Romany McNamara534:56':06(18'42")
25Christina Peck479:56':23(18'48")
26Mary Maroon526:56':36(18'52")
27Trista Smith549:56':52(18'57")
28Sofia Gomez Villafane544:56':56(18'59")
29Kathleen Bortolussi508:57':09(19'03")
30Livia Peras520:57':16(19'05")
31Mallory Burda524:57':26(19'09")
32Tara Carlson547:57':43(19'14")
33Hidi Cramer496:57':46(19'15")
34Alison Knuraon466:58':15(19'25")
35Sarah Piccolo537:58':34(19'31")
36Sam Bell536:58':36(19'32")
37Laya Plack515:58':46(19'35")
38Kristin Burley554:58':47(19'36")
39Heather Langendorfer494:59':25(19'48")
40Christine Lundy480:59':26(19'49")
41Janet Bellantoni498:59':56(19'59")
42Heather Pugh4921:00':16(20'05")
43Aimee Baker4651:00':56(20'19")
44Arena Reed5631:02':26(20'49")
45Yukie Nakamura5511:02':32(20'51")
46Katie Styer5551:02':36(20'52")
47Kath Boyer5071:03':06(21'02")
48Natalia Gardiol5301:03':36(21'12")
49Lindsay Felker5171:04':10(21'23")
50Heidi Thompson4951:05':16(21'45")
51Lori Brazel5221:05':36(21'52")
52Chava Kronenberg477
54Devon Wates558
55Anna Day470
56Joie Du Franco502
57Theresa Zaro548
58May Woo528
59Erin Upchurch489
60Lina Martesson562
61Bridget May559
62Yvonne Walbroehl552
63Jenny Oh Hatfield557
64Kris Opbroek513
65Sarah Harling560
66Gnat Matthews490
67Dinorah Lawson486
68Liza Hartlaub521
69Caitlin Trahan474
70Nicole Masters531
71Stacy Cooper545
72Leila Kordestani516
73Katy Jossy561
74Carol Boland475
75Jacqui Phaelan497
76Yoon Son550
77Kathleen McMahon509

SSCXWC 2011 Men's Results Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships San Francisco

PlaceRacer#Lap 5F (avg)
1Chris Jones603:12'20" 1:02':51(12'34")
2Michael Broderick673:12'20" 1:04':11(12'43")
3Krishna Dole662:11'59" 1:04':51(12'58")
4Brian Myers597:12'32" 1:05':40(13'08")
5Walton Brush722:12'20" 1:05':51(13'10")
6Mitch Trux677:12'11" 1:06':01(13'12")
7Don Myrah624:12'18" 1:06':09(13'14")
8Jim Hewett654:12'13" 1:06':24(13'17")
9Drew625:12'30" 1:06':31(13'18")
10Scott Chapin703:12'30" 1:06':51(13'22")
11Daniel Velasco617:12'32" 1:06':59(13'24")
12Alexander Work581:12'50" 1:07':21(13'28")
13Austin Horse587:12'33" 1:07':23(13'29")
14Chas Christensen601:12'40" 1:07':31(13'30")
15Cameron Falconer599:12'39" 1:07':40(13'32")
16Anthony Dickson585:12'24" 1:07':41(13'32")
17Ben Bostrom589:13'00" 1:07':41(13'32")
18Eric Bostrom111:12'50" 1:08':01(13'36")
19Mitch Westall678:12'51" 1:08':43(13'45")
20Rainier Shaefer694:13'20" 1:08':49(13'46")
21Kyle Murphy665:13'10" 1:08':51(13'46")
22Dan Mcnally615:13'01" 1:09':09(13'50")
23Alex Criss580:13'05" 1:09':12(13'50")
24Derek Yarra622:12'44" 1:09':22(13'52")
25Anthony Coando586:13'09" 1:09':30(13'54")
26Cesar Chavez600:12'51" 1:09':32(13'54")
27Jesse Swift653:13'24" 1:10':03(14'01")
28Joshua Wright658:13'28" 1:11':19(14'16")
29Philip Sims693:13'31" 1:11':32(14'18")
30Dillon Clapp623:13'41" 1:11':52(14'22")
31Julian Willafane659:13'19" 1:11':53(14'23")
32Yuri Hauswald723:13'33" 1:12':02(14'24")
33Aaron Kereluk578:13'41" 1:12':09(14'26")
34Taylor Nye708:13'28" 1:12':09(14'26")
35Stephen Wasmund706:13'11" 1:12':12(14'26")
36Angus Nesbitt584:13'42" 1:12':35(14'31")
37Christopher Elbo611:13'41" 1:12':52(14'34")
38Ryan Weaver115:13'36" 1:13':12(11'53")
39Kurt Gensheimer663:13'46" 1:14':02(14'48")
40Kurt Wolfgang664:15'00" 1:14':06(14'49")
41Nat Pellman681:14'02" 1:14':12(14'50")
42David618:14'40" 1:14':21(14'52")
43Joe655:14'01" 1:14':42(14'56")
44Rob Evans696:14'04" 1:14':55(14'59")
45Eric Hill628:14'07" 1:14':56(14'59")
46Patrick Kitto686:14'21" 1:14':57(14'59")
47Craig Etheridge613:14'44" 1:14':58(14'60")
48Greg Heath639:13'54" 1:15':05(15'01")
49James Johnston648:14'18" 1:15':12(15'02")
50Aaron576:13'51" 1:15':32(15'06")
51Evan Adams630:14'24" 1:15':55(15'11")
52Dylan Buffington626:14'22" 1:16':02(15'12")
53Blake Von Knopka591:14'29" 1:16':06(15'13")
54Fred Cauthen633:14'08" 1:16':29(13'58")
55Nick Shaffner685:14'11" 1:16':29(15'18")
56Gareth Feldstein635:14'41" 1:16':32(15'18")
57Matthias Behrands671:14'02" 1:16':42(15'20")
58Elliot Reinecke627:14'05" 1:16':47(15'21")
59Nick Hanni683:14'37" 1:16':48(15'22")
60Matthew Slaven670:14'48" 1:16':50(15'22")
61Isaias Job645:14'24" 1:16':52(15'22")
62Patrick Monteith687:15'01" 1:16':52(13'59")
63Chris Matthews607:14'37" 1:16':57(15'23")
64Alan Zinniker579:14'27" 1:17':02(14'00")
65Peter691:14'31" 1:17':02(15'24")
66Mark Wheeler668:14'41" 1:17':22(15'28")
67Tyler Smith720:16'27" 1:17':52(15'34")
68Travis Lukens107:15'41" 1:18':19(15'40")
69Tyson Mitchell721:15'58" 1:18':42(15'44")
70Hernan Montenegro643:15'21" 1:19':02(15'48")
71Scott Junker704:14'11" 1:20':22(16'04")
72Brian595:00'50" 1:20':42(16'08")
73Andrew Yee583:18'11" 1:23':52(16'46")
74Ian Dewar644:12'44" 1:23':56(16'47")
75Seth Patla7051:03':03(15'46")
76Eric Colton1041:03':19(15'50")
77Gabriel Byrne6341:03':45(15'56")
78Sasha Magee7021:03':51(15'58")
79Michael Matthews6721:04':01(16'00")
80Paul Hernandez6891:04':21(16'05")
81Doss Barns7251:04':26(16'07")
82Chris Phipps6091:04':31(16'08")
83Taylor Jung7071:04':31(16'08")
86Brandon Jones5931:06':41(16'40")
87Toby Schultz7131:07':01(16'45")
89Paul Guerra6881:07':29(16'52")
90Brendan Lehman5941:08':11(17'03")
91Christon Dewan6101:08':12(17'03")
92Zach Bass7241:08':17(17'04")
93Kailin Waterman6601:08':21(17'05")
94Tim Cannard7121:08':50(17'12")
95Milin Balsara6761:08':52(17'13")
96Curtis Englis6141:09':09(17'17")
97Eric Lowe6291:09':11(17'18")
99Mike Morgenfeld6991:09':52(17'28")
100Geoffrey Siepker6381:10':02(17'30")
101Dayton Crites6211:10':04(17'31")
102James Cooke6471:10':06(17'31")
103John Collins6561:10':07(17'32")
104Jonathan Weaver6571:10':35(17'39")
105Jamaica Lambie1131:10':52(17'43")
106Tyler Bump7181:11':07(17'47")
107Greg Trumpler6401:11':13(17'48")
108Jason Silverek6501:11':22(17'50")
109Tyler Larsen7191:12':42(18'11")
110Nathan Shaw6821:13':27(18'22")
111Troy Evans7171:13':32(18'23")
112Hans Kellner6411:13':37(18'24")
114Jeffrey Nebolini6511:14':22(18'35")
115Terry Curley7091:14':44(18'41")
116Jared Ferguson6491:15':10(18'48")
117Morgan Fletcher6801:16':12(19'03")
118David Lawson6191:16':59(19'15")
119Gary Land6371:17':04(19'16")
120Brock Dickie5981:18':01(19'30")
123Andrew Gohlich5821:22':02(20'30")
124Chris Brown606
125Basil Moutsopoulos588
126Brad Koester592
127Morgan Allen679
128Nick Nesbitt684
129Richard Mcelman695
130Chevil Knevil602
132Aaron Bradford577
133Todd Foreman-Kinder714
134Pete Thompson690
135Brian Fornes667
136Mat Gordon669
137Keven Bricknell661
138Ryan Schutze698
139David Vanette620
140Fabio Rattazzi632