SRAM RED 22 and S-700 hydraulic disc brake and rim brake recall.

SRAM RED 22 and S-700 hydraulic disc brake and rim brake recall.

For those of you waiting on new hydraulic road brakes from SRAM after all models were recalled back in December, the wait is far from over, but at least there is an end in sight.

SRAM announced two days ago that new models will be ready for mid-April, and in the interim, they are offering a mechanical brake system installed at their cost.

The mechanical systems can be installed at your preferred SRAM dealer, and according to the company, “These systems are being delivered into the market beginning this week.  Please contact your Dealer so that they can get the proper parts on order, and they can schedule your replacement.”

The statement from SRAM goes on to add, “In addition to a mechanical brake system, we are offering you the choice to upgrade to our new Model Year 15 hydraulic system, or if you want to keep the mechanical system, we will provide cash reimbursement of US$200 or EUR 150.  Please note, our new Model Year 15 hydraulic brakes will be available starting in the second half of April.  We hope that you will choose to upgrade and experience the benefits of a great hydraulic braking system.”

Read the official government recall notice here.

Let us know in the comments: will you be going back to hydraulic, if you were impacted by this? Why or why not?