We’re still digging out from under our pile of photos and videos from Nationals this past week—one of our photographers alone clocked in with 1400 photos just from Sunday’s races! So this week, we’ll be showcasing some of the many stories from the week that we may have missed in our efforts to bring you the most up to date race reporting during the event.  For our coverage during the week, check out our 2014 Cyclocross National Championship Page here.

Elle in the Elite pre-ride. © Steve Anderson

Elle in the Elite pre-ride. © Steve Anderson

Here, we chatted with Elle Anderson, who isn’t a stranger to cyclocross but has been having the breakout season of the year, with two wins at Gloucester, and a second place—ahead of Katie Compton—in Providence. She scored second at Elite Nationals this past Sunday, made the Worlds team, and is featured in Cyclocross Magazine Issue 23.

On her result… There’s just so much hard work leading up to it all season. Just to come out here and have good form and have a good race just means a lot to me. I had a lot of fun out there.

On her start… The start was good. It was definitely a little chaotic and things started to get pinched down a little bit. That made me worried for the first couple of seconds, but I made it out of there and just tried to get to the front.

On Katie’s attack… Katie put on a good attack over on the back side of the course. With this thin air and with her power, I couldn’t catch her wheel, so I tried to keep it steady from then on.

On the course… The course was really, really amazing. It was long. It required a lot of focus each turn.

On the week… This National Championships has been really, really special. It’s only my third, ever.

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