Grant Ellwood (University of Colorado Boulder) held off a tough challenge from Cooper Willsey (Furman University) to win the Collegiate Club National Championship in the mud on Friday.

Willsey got the silver and Nicholas Lando (University of Vermont) took bronze.

Full results are below. Stay tuned for a race report.

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Men Collegiate Club Results: 2018 Louisville Cyclocross Nationals

1134Grant ELLWOODUniversity of Colorado Boulder45:56.
2122Cooper WILLSEYFurman University46:46.
3131Nicholas LANDOUniversity of Vermont46:52.
4135Garrett GERCHARUniversity of Colorado Boulder47:43.
5119Ross ELLWOODUniversity of Colorado Boulder48:03.
6127Sam NOELUniversity of Vermont48:44.
7105Calder WOODCalifornia Polytechnic-San Luis50:12.
8136Andrew BORDENCastleton University50:27.
9110Finnegan OCONNORUniversity of Vermont52:21.
10140Clyde LOGUEDartmouth College53:02.
11104Samuel DOBROZSIClemson University54:05.
12147Lucas KALBFELLIndiana University-Bloomington54:20.
13130Donald SEIBUniversity of Vermont54:39.
14117Jordan CHAPMANUniversity of Idaho54:44.
15133Clayton TRAVISVirginia Polytechnic University55:09.
16112Ethan CALLDartmouth College56:02.
17107Seamus OCONNORWALKERUniversity of Iowa56:05.
18141Bruce BOLESThe University of Tennessee56:52.
19116Alexander JOHNSONColorado State University57:46.
20101Tayne ANDRADEColorado State University57:50.
21118Mitchell POWERSUniversity of Cincinnati58:18.
22114Grayson HUGHESUniversity of Arizona58:34.
23129Justin MILLERPurdue University@1Lap
24111Carter WARRENNorthern Arizona University@1Lap
25102Mackenzie KINGTemple University@1Lap
26115Jim MADDOCKNorthwestern University@1Lap
27138Simon LYNNUS Air Force Academy@1Lap
28144Sebastian STURGESUniversity of Denver@1Lap
29132Noah HAYESUniversity of California-Santa@1Lap
30125Andrew MERGENUS Military Academy@1Lap
31106Christian ACKERClemson University@1Lap
32143Timothy MALEYUniversity of Arizona@1Lap
33139John NOONANUniversity of Arizona@1Lap
34126Sebby FRIMATColorado State University@1Lap
35124Lewis CASKEYHarvard University@1Lap
36120Clay ALLREDUniversity of Idaho@1Lap
37103Eli WOODARDNorth Carolina State University@1Lap
38145Rowan CROWLEYUS Military Academy@1Lap
39121Evan GOLDBERGNorthwestern University@1Lap
40146Aidan DOYLEUS Military Academy@1Lap
41123Wheeler DAVISAppalachian State University@1Lap
42142Kenneth ENGLERTUS Military Academy@1Lap
43109Nathan STOVERTemple University@1Lap
44108Aaron DENNINGKennesaw State University@1Lap
45128Nathaniel CASSIDYUniversity of Vermont@1Lap