After last year’s cold, wet sufferfest at the Barry-Roubaix held in Barry County, Michigan, riders were treated to much nicer conditions for the 2018 edition. Temperatures warmed up just in time for the mid-April date and topped out near 60 degrees. For more on the annual race, see our preview from Friday.

With the drier conditions and warmer temperatures, times were much faster in 2018 than they were in 2017—and pretty much every other year, for that matter.

The course at the 2018 Barry-Roubaix was dry and fast. 2018 Barry-Roubaix Gravel Race © Rob Meendering Photo

The course at the 2018 Barry-Roubaix was dry and fast. 2018 Barry-Roubaix Gravel Race © Rob Meendering Photo

The Men’s race saw a repeat winner, with gravel machine Mat Stephens (Panaracer / Stan’s NoTubes p/b Bicycle X-Change) taking the win in a close finish against home state hero Daniel Yankus (Athletic Mentors / Greenware). Timothy Rugg (The High Roost p/b Lauf and Orange Seal Cycling) rounded out the podium in third after making the trek from Arizona.

Stephens’ winning time of 2:48:13 was 11 minutes faster than his winning time in 2017 and is unofficially the new course record since the race went from 65 to 62 miles in 2012.. Only the Honey Badger / LinDiesel Justin Lindine had broken the 2:50:00 mark on the course when he did so by 12 seconds in 2013. This year, the top 22 male riders finished in under 2:50:00. Nice day indeed.

The Women’s race also crowned a two-time winner in Rachel Langdon (Gray Goat Mobile / Bullseye Total Media) of Kentucky. Langdon also set an unofficial course record with a time of 2:59:57, shattering Mackenzie Woodring’s previous best of 3:07 set in the previous “fast year” of 2013. Mary Penta (Women’s Racing Project) of Indiana and Land Run 100 runner-up Kae Takeshita (Panaracer / Stan’s NoTubes p/b Bicycle X-Change) of Illinois finished second and third, just three seconds back. The next closest woman was nine minutes behind the three leaders.

The Masters 40-50 win went to Tim Marshall (Morning Glory Cycling Club). He finished ahead of Aaron Fader (Bloomington Cycle Race Team) of Illinois and Dan Korienek (Leadout Racing) of Michigan.

The Masters 51+ saw a close finish, with four riders finishing within three seconds of one another. John Meyers (Athletic Mentors / Greenware) of Michigan took the close finish ahead of fellow Michigander Tom Linck (Leadout Racing). Mike Marchand (Panaracer / Stan’s NoTubes p/b Bicycle X-Change) rounded out the podium in third.

Scott Quiring and Christina Peek (Quiring Cycles) won the tandem race and Earl Hillaker (Grand Rapids Bicycle Company) won the singlespeed race.

Riders still had time for some fun at the 2018 Barry-Roubaix. 2018 Barry-Roubaix Gravel Race © Rob Meendering Photo

Riders still had time for some fun at the 2018 Barry-Roubaix. 2018 Barry-Roubaix Gravel Race © Rob Meendering Photo

The 2018 Barry-Roubaix marked the first year of the 100-mile Psycho Killer option because, according to race director Rick Plite, 10 (years) times 10 (arbitrary number) equals 100. The inaugural 100-mile champion was Michael Simonson of Michigan for the Men and Nan Doyal of Illinois for the Women.

Top 50 finishers for the Women’s and Men’s 62-mile races are below. (The 62-miler is the “marquee” event for the Barry-Roubaix, even if the 100-mile option is a bit more crazy, at least according to the name.) For full results of all finishers, see

Women's Results: 2018 Barry-Roubaix Gravel Race

1Rachel Langdon71992:59:57Gray Goat Mobile/Bullseye Total Media, KY29
2Mary Penta4003:00:00Women's Racing Project, IN38
3Kae Takeshita5313:00:00Panaracer/Stan's NoTubes p/b Bicycle X-Change, IL34
4Kaitlyn Patterson70503:09:26ATHLETICS MENTORS/GREENWARE USA, MI
5Courtney Reed Tanner4293:17:47union cycling team, IL34
6Sarah Szefi5303:17:48PSIMET Racing, MO32
7Wendy Zamzow-Blumerick6023:17:48Sweet Bikes, MI44
8Sydney Guagliardo71983:20:13Illinois, US36
9Allison Schroeder70283:22:17PSIMET Racing, IL23
10Susan Vigland5563:22:18Hagerty, MI49
11Lauren Wissman5893:29:48Spidermonkey Cycling, IL27
12Megan Doerr6503:29:56McLain Race Team, MI34
13Emily Kaiser2543:31:13Michigan, US44
14Ashley Moore3573:33:05Bloomington Cycle Race Team 62-mile, IL30
15Jessie Runnoe4623:34:58Aberdeen Bike, MI32
16Lisa Markley70043:34:58Roll Models Racing, MI51
17Tara Laase-Mckinney2833:38:10Michigan, US35
18Lauri Brockmiller653:39:59Michigan, US43
19Bridgett Widrig70433:41:18Hagerty, MI41
20Catherine Culkin6433:42:263T / Q+M, MI25
21Kim Heintz6103:42:41Epic Cycle and Fitness, IL36
22Dori Leib70013:46:55Wolverine Sports Club, MI45
23Sally Finkbeiner1673:48:41Founders Racing, MI37
24Marie Rote4573:48:55Bike Ohio, OH37
25Michelle Knight6223:51:15StellaFly, MI44
26Nicole Obriecht3793:55:20Titan Inertia Racing, MI31
27Laura Alagna63:56:59Union Cycling Team, IL31
28Melanie Splitgerber5113:58:33Team Pull My Finger, IN43
29Laura Shields4944:00:05BFF Bikes, IL31
30Ashley Cova1044:01:51PSIMET Racing, IL29
31Sophie Kinkle2644:05:59Grand Rapids Bicycle Company, MI26
32Sarah Williams5824:07:31GDI, MI35
33Anna Henschel2274:08:13The Chainlink, IL26
34Caroline Rodriguez-Nelson4474:10:05INTENT 62, IL47
35Briana Greenlee2034:10:47Start Line Nutrition, MI31
36Jessica Tomazic5394:11:37Ohio, US35
37Catherine Neff3724:13:06Summit Freewheelers, OH32
38Melissa Zammit6014:13:17INTENT 62, IL36
39Christina Buerkle714:14:16Pennsylvania, US36
40Deb Ice2394:16:19V02 multisport, KY46
41Cathleen Bethea404:18:34Iowa, US47
42Haley Engle1554:20:01Half Acre Cycling, IL28
43Mary Ann Sedor4854:21:41INTENT 62, IL51
44Lisa Hilleren2304:24:33BFF Bikes, IL28
45Heather Kluch2694:34:18Illinois, US41
46Olivia Beaty274:34:33Union Cycling Team, IL26
47Jaimielee Velasquez5514:35:36Union Cycling Team, IL31
48Sue Swiger5284:37:31Michigan, US39
49Jill Gorkowski1974:37:31Michigan, US39
50Anya Bogdanets6344:39:38New York, US31

Men's Results: 2018 Barry-Roubaix Gravel Race

1Mat Stephens5182:48:13Panaracer/Stan's NoTubes p/b Bicycle X-Change, TX35
3Timothy Rugg4612:48:26The High Roost p/b Lauf and Orange Seal Cycling, AZ32
4Nathan Williams5812:48:36Bissell Advantage Benifits Group, MI36
5Rob Bell332:49:07Panaracer/Stan's NoTubes p/b Bicycle X-Change, OK34
6Jonathan Card802:49:08SPOKE LIFE CYCLES 62, OH53
7Andrew Giniat1922:49:08Cyclus Sports Starlight Factory Team, NC26
8Chris Young5992:49:08xXx Racing-Athletico, IL34
10Kirk L Albers82:49:08Ohio, US49
11Eric Hueston2372:49:08To Wheels Epic Sports Performance Aylmer Express26
12Cody Kaiser6182:49:09LangeTwins / Specialized, CA25
13David Reyes4322:49:09Ten Speed Hero, IL33
14Rory Jack6142:49:09Illinois, US26
15Thomas Kehrer2552:49:09Troublemaker Cycling, IL27
16Andrew Weiland5742:49:09Headwind Cycling p/b Elevator Brewing, OH27
17Bradley White70422:49:10Velo City Cycles, MI36
18Scotty Albaugh6262:49:103T / Q+M, MI25
19Jim Maddock3132:49:10xXx Racing-Athletico, IL26
20Ron Catlin6382:49:11Rochester Bike Shop, MI30
21Sean Kickbush6192:49:113T / Q+M, MI41
22Michael Sencenbaugh4862:49:14Panaracer/Stan's NoTubes p/b Bicycle X-Change, GA33
23Jeffrey Johnson2482:52:16Leadout Racing, MI27
24Danny Soltan70332:53:233T / Q+M, MI27
25Andrew Dillman6482:56:05Think Green, KY24
26Chris Pollett4092:56:35To Wheels Epic Sports Performance Aylmer Express39
28Nick Glavac1942:57:22Team Bicycle Hub, OH31
29Cody Sovis5092:57:283T / Q+M, MI29
30Zach Andrews122:57:52Midwest devo support crew, IN28
31Jason Blodgett462:57:52Orange Seal, Kenda, Oakley, SRAM, IN23
32Wally May3252:57:53Union Cycling Team, IL23
33Stu Alp102:57:53Unknown33
34Kelly Sugg70372:57:53Rochester Bike Shop, MI30
35David Steiner70362:57:55Spin/Litzler Automation, OH40
36Daniel Shamburger70312:57:56Michigan, US23
37Dirk Dejonge1272:57:56Michigan, US35
38Jeremy Paul70192:57:57Ohio, US34
39Jordan Diekema6462:58:23Michigan, US29
40Craig Bryant683:01:59Union Cycling Team, IL41
41Mike Aston143:02:00To Wheels Epic Sports Performance Aylmer Express37
42Tom Wallace5653:02:00Union Cycling Team, IL46
43Justin Kahle6173:02:01Maumee Valley Wheelmen, OH24
44Nicholas Stanko5163:02:02Michigan, US37
45Jonathan Royal4593:02:02RACING GREYHOUNDS, MI33
46Brian Monton70493:02:04Spindrift Cyclesports, MI36
47Luke Mullis3633:02:29Michigan, US19
48Lewis Henrickson2243:02:58Team Upland Brewing, IN31
49Michael Jaffray6153:03:01TNR/Trilanders34
50Joshua Smith5033:03:01SPOKE LIFE CYCLES 62, MI36