If you have attended any of the big UCI races this year, you have likely seen Bill Schieken of working hard outside the barriers to capture the racing action inside the tape. His long panning shots provide a unique look at the racing action from a perspective most of us would be hard-pressed to get.

Some of his videos are so rare and unique, they can best be described as unicorns:

Schieken has been covering cyclocross using a variety of media for the past decade. He is the creator of the famed Svenness videos, has written a book, is the brainchild of the Crosshairs Radio podcast and has been part of USA Cycling’s Nationals broadcast team.

His latest contribution to the coverage of cyclocross is narrated recap videos of U.S. UCI racing. The videos started earlier this year as “Svenness-esque” videos with written commentary and then evolved into “Crosshairs Television,” with narration provided by Schieken himself. The Crosshairs Television vidoes provide a visual look at U.S. racing in a media landscape where high-quality livestreams are rare.

2017 Jingle Cross World Cup, Elite Men. © J. Curtes / Cyclocross Magazine

Bill Schieken works hard to get the shots. 2017 Jingle Cross World Cup, Elite Men. © J. Curtes / Cyclocross Magazine

Schieken’s Crosshairs Television recap videos for the Women’s Elite and Men’s Elite races are below. See the CXHairs YouTube page for more videos from Reno and Crosshairs Television episodes from earlier in the season.

Elite Women

Elite Men

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