Cyclocross season might be in full swing, but that does not mean there is not time for a good Groadio here and there.

August was a busy month in the gravel world, with Gravel Worlds and SBT GRVL on the same action-packed day, and The Rift in Iceland and Rebecca’s Private Idaho providing bookends to the last full month of summer.

Amanda “The Panda” Nauman joined the Groadio crew for her first podcast as an official Groadio buckaroo to talk about those races and help Bill Schieken of CXHairs speculate on the need for a national gravel series.

You can have a listen via the embed below, the Wide Angle Podium website or Apple Podcasts.

Also, ICYMI, check out the latest episode of Cyclocross Radio that covers Jingle Cross Day 3 and the World Cup Waterloo weekend.