Gravel pirates set sail on the gravel seas of Nebraska at the 10th edition of Gravel Worlds p/b Lauf on Saturday. With a sold-out field, everyone was sure to get a tough challenge in the 150-mile race, and at the pointy ends of the race, there was a close finish and a new supreme Captain of the Gravel Seas.

Alison Tetrick came in as the two-time defending champion and left with her third-straight win, a new sword and the all-time race record for Open wins. She was followed by Jennifer Schwarz in second and Anya Bogdanets in third, with Abby ShelekBriski and Carrie Bax rounding out the wide-angle podium.

The Men’s race came down to a sprint, with Lincoln native John Borstelmann topping Eric Marcotte at the line. Tristan Uhl finished third, and Mat Stephens and Brendan Housler rounded out the wide-angle podium.

Top 25 results are below. Full results are also available for all distances and categories.

For more race-day content, visit the Pirate Cycling League FB page and a photo gallery from Gravel Guru.

Open Women Results: 2019 Gravel Worlds

1Alison Tetrick7:56:44
2Jennifer Schwarz8:50:18
3Anya Bogdanets9:00:13
4Abby ShelekBriski9:16:18
5Carrie Bax9:49:42
6Lindsay Knight9:58:10
7Christina Bonnington10:05:36
8Lori McCarty10:22:51
9Jennifer Borst10:26:07
10Courtney Morgan10:47:32
11Adrienne Taren11:08:58
12Megan Hottman11:11:28
13Rebecca Szpara11:18:54
14Gravel TryHard11:19:18
15Tina Fleecs11:24:13
16Lauren Pointer11:33:13
17Linda Margraf11:40:20
18Raeann Magill12:00:28
19Janine Copple12:06:43
20Pamela Lionberger12:24:58
21Ashlee Richardson12:58:56
22Kimberlee Roberts13:12:14
23Jennifer Kilbourne13:30:21
24Megan Fisher13:52:55
25Lauren Nagle14:30:02

Open Men Results: 2019 Gravel Worlds

1John Borstelmann7:02:19
2Eric Marcotte7:02:20
3Tristan Uhl7:05:57
4Mat Stephens7:06:34
5Brendan Housler7:06:52
6Vitor Zucco Schizzi7:14:12
7Tim Mitchell7:14:13
8Chris Stevens7:15:15
9Michael Sheehan7:28:49
10Thomas Olek7:28:0
11Jordan Roessingh7:31:52
12Thomas Humphreys7:31:52
13Javier Peris7:31:53
14Patrick Walle7:34:37
15Brad Flachsbart7:34:40
16Tom Keller7:34:44
17Bryan Fosler7:35:01
18Craig Roemer7:35:55
19Jonathan Wait7:38:26
20Carl Decker7:38:34
21Gordon McCauley7:43:20
22Joel Brazil7:53:03
23John Rokke7:53:04
24Robb Finegan7:53:06
25Grayson Keppler7:56:42