Duke and Mani compare their dollar hand-up haul. @Cyclocross Magazine

Duke and Mani compare their dollar hand-up haul at last year’s Midsummer Race. @Cyclocross Magazine

Founded by renowned race announcer and promoter Richard Fries, Eleven Event Services will host the 2013 Raleigh Midsummer Nights Cyclocross race at DealerCamp 2013, to be held Thursday evening, July 25.

With more than 20 years of racing experience, Fries developed a career in journalism, which spawned opportunities to provide commentary at events. As a race announcer Fries has provided commentary for television and radio all over the world. But he is best known as a live announcer, having called National Championships, World Cups, and six UCI World Championships. As a promoter, Fries has had a management role in countless national-caliber events. He currently serves as the event director for the Providence Cyclo-cross Festival.

For this event Fries has assembled a proven team with experience in cyclocross. Leading the team will be Sean Condon. “This guy has proven critical to me in Providence, running a team of more than 100 volunteers,” Fries said of Condon, a master’s racer with decades of experience in cycling. “As a detail-oriented guy he is the perfect complement to my skill set.” Condon will serve as the operations director for the event. Also on the squad will be Patrick Goguen, the eldest brother of a family of 10 cyclists. As category 1 racer who works as a property manager, Goguen studied cyclo-course design and construction from the legendary Tom Stevens.

“We want the 2013 Raleigh Midsummer Nights Cyclocross Race at DealerCamp to serve as the season-opener for American cyclocross,” said Fries. “With DealerCamp’s trade component established we believe this event should showcase many brand’s top riders, their teams, and their new equipment for the upcoming season.”

In addition to the actual competition, Fries will outline plans to have top athletes teach retailers and manufacturers the nuance of marketing and selling cyclocross equipment.

Fries continues, “There is a palpable buzz about cyclocross since the World Championships were held in Louisville, but much of the bike industry – from manufacturers to retailers – lacks expertise in this sector. In a growing number of regions cyclocross has become crucial to the bike business. Shops that invest in cyclocross have been able to bridge that sales gap between the back-to-school season and the holidays.”

In addition to the elite races, organizers will offer a number of amateur categories. Current plans also include a series of clinics taught by superstars of the sport to be held during DealerCamp’s inaugural Consumer Day, Saturday, July 27. All registered racers will receive free entry to those clinics.