The PSI-Clocross Ultimate 38W-Limited Edition is now available.

The PSI-Clocross Ultimate 38W-Limited Edition is now available.

ELGIN, ILLINOIS — PSIMET Wheels has announced an expanded line-up of their revolutionary cyclocross wheels for the 2013 season. We’ve talked with PSIMET owner Rob Curtis about his wheel-building practice in the past, and now he’s back with three new options for next season: the PSI-Clocross Ultimate 38W – Limited Edition; the Premium Race 38W, and the Race 38W.

Curtis explained what makes the wheels unique in a market flooded with carbon wheel offerings, “Our 38W offerings are truly designed for cyclocross. Virtually every other wheel manufacturer uses road rims – with the same gluing profile that is standard for road tubulars. With our 38W wheels we said, ‘Hey, maybe the gluing surface should change to match the specific requirements of the tires we are using for ’cross.”  Curtis continued, “Our 38W wheels have a very specific gluing profile, created by 3-D modeling the actual profiles of Clement and Challenge cyclocross tubulars. As a result, there is edge to edge contact between the base tape of the tire and the gluing surface of the rim. Our wheels offer roughly 25% more actual rim to tire contact than with a ZIPP 303. Definitely something to consider that next time you diving into a corner across frozen ruts with only 20psi in your tires.”

The 2013 product offerings expand on the 2012 launch of the 38W. The PSI-Clocross Ultimate 38W-Limited Edition is one of the lightest high-performance cyclocross wheels to hit the market. The PSI-Clocross Ultimate will feature the 38W Wheel laced to Alchemy ELF and ORC-UL hubs in a 20f/24r configuration with Sapim Cx Ray Spokes. Lighter than ZIPP 303s, with more spokes for strength and ’cross-specific gluing surface, the PSI-Clocross Ulitmate-Limited edition will retail for $1,899.00.

The Premium Race- 38W is the original 38W and features a White Industries T11 hubset. This design is built for durability and long-term use while still offering top performance.

Also new in 2013, the 38W – Race offers a light-weight option, race-only hubs at an amazing value. This wheel offers a PSIMET branded hub designed to provide the best value option for the PSIMET 38W rim.

All PSIMET cyclocross wheels come with a $200.00 (each wheel) crash replacement program. Disc brake options are available, starting at $1,449.00 and are available upon request. Orders accepted now for 2013 season delivery. Orders placed by the end of July will be available for delivery for the September season opening races. PSIMET also offers gluing services during the cyclocross season.