On Tuesday, through our Training Tuesday piece from Adam Myerson, we prepared you to ride and race better in the mud, which at last check looks only potentially relevant for the KMC Providence Cyclocross Festival.

However, Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimodo is urging her state to prepare for much worse than mud in case the Category 4 Hurricane Joaquin that’s battering the Bahamas or the rainstorms flooding the Southeast threaten the state.

Satellite photo of Hurricane Joaquin. by NASA

Satellite photo of Hurricane Joaquin. by NASA

With one of the season’s most important cyclocross weekends about to begin, we certainly hope that the weather systems spare the region (and whole country), and that all are safe and dry throughout the weekend. But if you’re heading to Providence, it goes without saying that it’s worth keeping an eye on the weather and Hurricane Joaquin’s path.

Latest storm model updates suggest that the hurricane may move farther east than Massachusetts Cape Cod, or might hit land after the weekend, but even if the storm doesn’t make landfall in New England this weekend, it could impact the entire East Coast with major rain and wind. It could also further strengthen the separate storm that’s already drenching the Carolinas with torrential rains.

Storms are unpredictable. Bring more than mud tires if you’re heading to Providence and be safe. Although many of us love muddy races, we actually hope this is another dry weekend for safety’s sake (and for the race promoters’ sake).

Whether you’re racing cyclocross in mud, or dealing with a storm, approach it the same way: Be aware, don’t panic, and be prepared.

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