Jeremy Powers on his way to the win on Sunday in North Carolina. © Marcia Seiler

Jeremy Powers on his way to the win on Sunday in North Carolina. © Marcia Seiler

On Day 2 of the North Carolina Grand Prix, the change in weather conditions shook up both the men’s and women’s fields, thought Jeremy Powers maintained his top of the podium position. With nicer weather conditions, it was apt that Sunny Gilbert took the win over Beth Ann Orton and Erica Zaveta. In the men’s field, it was again Jeremy Powers in first, this time followed by teammate Zach McDonald, with Troy Wells again coming in third.

2013 North Carolina Grand Prix, Day 2 Photo Gallery:

North Carolina Grand Prix Elite Men Results 2013 Day 2

1Jeremy POWERS1:01:28
2Zach MCDONALD1:02:41
3Troy WELLS1:03:50
4Timothy JOHNSON1:04:26
5Yannick ECKMANN1:05:33
6Stephen HYDE1:06:52
7Andrew DILLMAN1:07:27
9Kerry WERNER1:07:59
10Brian MATTER1:08:05
11Adam MYERSON1:08:17
12Robert MARION1:09:22
13Eric THOMPSON1:09:57
14Anthony CLARK1:10:07
15Greg WITTWER1:10:38
16Nathaniel MORSE1:10:59
17Alex RYAN1:11:24
18Alec DONAHUE1:11:37
19Thomas TURNER1:12:02
20Andrew REARDON
21Tristan COWIE
22Gunnar BERGEY
25Westley RICHARDS
26Elliott BARING
27Bradford PERLEY
28Andrew BAILEY
30Nathan BROWN
31Luke SAGUR
32Jacob SITLER
33Matt MOOSA
34Barret FISHNER


North Carolina Grand Prix Elite Women Results 2013 Day 2

1Sunny GILBERT41:49:00
2Beth Ann ORTON42:19:00
3Erica ZAVETA42:50:00
4Jessica CUTLER43:05:00
5Emily SHIELDS43:19:00
6Emma SWARTZ43:29:00
7Corey COOGAN CISEK43:35:00
8Ally STACHER44:22:00
9Katherine SANTOS44:24:00
10Katherine SHIELDS45:04:00
11Allison ARENSMAN45:28:00
12Joanne GROGAN45:49:00
13Jane BURLEW46:04:00
14Deb Sweeney WHITMORE46:29:00
15Meghan KOROL46:43:00
16Erin DONOHUE47:55:00
17Julie HUNTER48:33:00
18Cinthia LEHNER49:26:00
19Erin SILLIMAN49:32:00
20Kimberly FLYNN49:49:00
21Angelina STEVENS50:18:00
22Genisis DANCER51:48:00
23Nicki GRUPKA52:08:00
24Mackenzie GREEN54:21:00
25Heather DAVIS