Ben Berden put in a hard effort in the first part of the race but fell back towards the end. © Yoon Son

Ben Berden put in a hard effort in the first part of the race but fell back towards the end. © Yoon Son

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO – The elite women saw sunnier skies today in Fort Collins, as well as mild temperatures — a far cry from the chilly, wet conditions of the day before. Andrea Smith (Ladies First) took the holeshot in the start, and it seemed like the ladies from New England were taking control of the race early on when Massachusetts native Mo Bruno Roy (Bob’s Red Mill) hit the run up in fourth spot.

However, it was Georgia Gould (Luna) who set the pace for the first lap, with even Compton staying behind the Bronze medalist. Minutes after establishing a lead group, it had been whittled down to a group of four: Gould, Julie Krasniak (Rapha-Focus), Compton and local favorite Nicole Duke (Raleigh-Clement). It wasn’t long before Compton attacked and opened up a gap that she would hold for the rest of the race.

With three to go, Compton was again on her own, followed by Krasniak and Gould. Behind them, Kaitie Antonneau (Cannondale-CyclocrossWorld) worked with Nicole Duke to catch back on.  However, the top two remained the same as yesterday, and Compton took the win followed in by a solo-ing Gould. Krasniak rolled in for third and Antonneau took fourth spot.

In the men’s race, U23 racer Danny Summerhill showed his racing chops by snagging an early lead, followed by Belgian Raleigh-Clement racer Ben Berden. In the first speedy nearly sub-six-minute late, Summerhill held the lead with Berden and Tim Johnson (Cannondale-CyclocrossWorld) behind. But within the first two laps, Johnson’s teammate Ryan Trebon had caught on, as well as Canadian Geoff Kabush (Scott) and Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus). Behind them Yanick Eckmann was chasing hard.

12 seconds behind, Powers’ teammate Chris Jones chased hard, along with Tristan Schouten, Jamey Driscoll (Cannondale-CyclocrossWorld), and McNeely.

Trebon attacked, creating a lead group with Berden, Summerhill and Powers. Powers impressed the crowd by riding the stairs, while behind him, Kabush and Eckmann powered away, with Tim Johnson dropping back.

However, Johnson wouldn’t let go that soon and with four to go, Eckmann and he had caught the leaders. With three to go, Powers was showing off his fighting prowess and had opened a gap, followed by Berden and behind him, Summerhill, who couldn’t keep the pace and dropped all the way back to 10th in the course of the lap. Kabush and Jones, however, had clawed their way up and were chasing Powers.

Berden began to fall back, and Kabush and Jones moved up, closing on Powers. With one to go, Powers still had the lead, with Kabush and Jones dueling behind him, and a gap to Trebon, Berden and Eckmann. Jones attacked Kabush mid-lap, and while Powers soloed in for his third USGP win of the season, Jones came in for second and Kabush took third. Summerhill again took fourth spot.

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Gallery from Yoon Son:

Elite Women’s Results:

1COMPTON KatherineTrek Cyclocross CollectiveUSA39:12:006
2GOULD GeorgiaLuna Pro TeamUSA40:20:006
3KRASNIAK JulieRapha-FOCUSFRA40:31:006
4ANTONNEAU KaitlinCannondale Cyclocross WorldUSA41:04:006
5HARLTON PepperJuventus Cycling ClubCAN41:19:006
6STETSON-LEE TealLuna Pro TeamUSA41:24:006
7DUKE NicoleRaleigh / ClementUSA41:27:006
8MANI CarolineRaleigh ClementFRA41:31:006
9WILCOXSON JadeOptum p/b Kelly Benefit StrategUSA41:31:006
10SMALL CarmenOptum p/b Kelly Benefit StrategUSA41:43:006
11SMITH AndreaLadiesFirst RacingUSA41:45:006
12McFADDEN CourtenayVoler/Clif BarUSA41:51:006
13PENNINGTON AliceKonaUSA41:59:006
14DYCK MicalStan's NoTubesCAN42:09:006
15CAREY AmandaVolkswagon Boise CyclingUSA42:24:006
16FREEMAN JudyCrank Bros. Race ClubUSA42:40:006
17BRUNO ROY MaureenBob's Red Mill pb Seven CyclesUSA42:49:006
18GORDON SerenaUSA43:00:006
19GROSS RebeccaTOUGH GIRLUSA43:02:006
20KROEPSCH LaraBOO bicyclesUSA43:04:006
21HOGAN KarenTeam KappiusUSA43:07:006
22CUTLER p/b Blue CUSA43:12:006
23SHERWIN KatherineStan's NoTubes Elite CyclocrossUSA43:21:006
24ORTON Beth AnnTeam S&MUSA43:24:006
25THIEMANN NicoleTeam CFUSA43:24:006
26ARNOLD KatieBob's Red Mill CyclocrossUSA43:36:006
27JAMES AshleyKCCX/Fuji p/b Challenge TiresUSA43:37:006
28DINGMAN AnnaReal WheelsUSA43:47:006
29NOBLE EllenTrek Cyclocross Collective p/bUSA44:00:006
30FISHER-GOODWIN KellyBOO bicyclesUSA44:00:006
31MILLER AmandaOptum p/b Kelly Benefit StrategUSA44:01:006
32GAERTNER JenniferMotofish RacingUSA44:27:006
33BLATT RebeccaVan Dessel Factory TeamUSA44:55:006
34COOGAN-CISEK CoreyCyclocrossracing.comUSA45:00:006
35BAUM NinaStan's NoTubes Women's EliteUSA45:14:006
36POWLISON KateThe Service Course | WBRUSA45:25:006
37BARKER MelissaGS Boulder/Trek StoreUSA45:36:006
38WEBER KristinBoulder Cycle SportUSA45:47:006
39HUDSON LisaFeedback Sports RacingUSA45:47:006
40WEBBER LauriVan Dessel Factory TeamUSA46:10:006
41BROCKET KarenEthos RacingUSA46:24:006
42GIBSON ShannonStan's NoTubes Elite CyclocrossUSA46:31:006
43STEVENS MagenParkburgerUSA@1Lap5
44D'AMATO JessicaEvol Elite RacingUSA@1Lap5
45BUSH LynnTough Girl / SCOTTUSA@2Lap4
46KOROL MeghanBob's Red Mill CyclocrossUSA@2Lap4

Elite Men’s Results:

2JONES ChristopherUCI PCT: UnitedHealthcareUSA1:00:17
3KABUSH GeoffSCOTT-3Rox RacingCAN1:00:21
4SUMMERHILL DanielUCI CT: Chipotle Development TeUSA1:00:49
5BERDEN BenRaleigh ClementBEL1:00:50
6ECKMANN Yannick *California Giant/SpecializedGER1:00:50
7CRAIG Adam CGiant Rabobank TeamUSA1:00:50
8SCHOUTEN TristanOptum p/b Kelly Benefit StrategUSA1:01:04
9DRISCOLL JamesCannondale/ClementUSA1:01:04
10JOHNSON TimothyVolkswagen/peopleforbikes/CannoUSA1:01:19
11TREBON RyanCannondale/ClementUSA1:01:38
12MCNEELY Evan *Specialized CanadaCAN1:01:45
14CANDELARIO AlexOptum p/b Kelly Benefit StrategUSA1:01:56
15WHITE BradleyMoms in Tow CyclocrossUSA1:01:56
16WELLS JakeNoTubes Elite CyclocrossUSA1:02:11
17MATTER BrianRACC pb GGUSA1:03:11
18FINSTERWALD Russell *Subaru-Trek Mountain Bike TeamUSA1:03:12
19NEFF IsaacUSA1:03:1410
20KAISER Cody *California Giant Berry Farms/SpUSA1:03:28
21HOKE MitchellTeam CLIF BARUSA1:03:35
22ECKMANN Robin *Peral Izumi, shimano teamGER1:03:39
23JACKSON ChrisCastex Racing p/b FeltUSA1:03:50
24SCHOOLER AaronNorco Bicycles - SRI ImportingCAN1:03:53
25HAGA ChadOptum p/b Kelly Benefit StrategUSA1:03:54
26PAXSON SpencerKonaUSA1:03:54
27WICKS BarryKonaUSA1:04:01
28GOODRICH Jesse *Evol Elite RacingUSA1:04:10
29BADDICK ChrisThe Gear MovementGBR1:04:11
30SELANDER BjornUSA1:04:25
31BRADFORD-PARISH KevinCyclocrossracing.comUSA1:04:29
32REARDON AndyBob's Red Mill CyclocrossUSA1:04:30
33SONNTAG BenjaminBikeHausDurangoGER1:04:33
34KAPPIUS BradenClif Bar Development Cross TeamUSA1:04:34
35WITTWER GregBob's Red Mill Cyclocross TeamUSA1:04:44
36MYERSON AdamTeam SmartStop/Mountain KhakisUSA1:04:48
37ALLEN TimFeedback SportsUSA1:04:49
38ORTENBLAD Tobin *California Giant Berry Farms/SpUSA1:04:52
39BENESH KenFeedback SportsUSA1:04:54
40KLISH JohnFeedback Sports RacingUSA1:04:54
41KERSTING MitchellBob's Red Mill CyclocrossUSA1:04:55
42KLUCK JeffPowerade-Independent FabricatioUSA1:05:19
43ANTHONY JesseOptum p/b Kelly Benefit StrategUSA1:05:19
44SHERER MikeOptum p/b Kelly Benefit StrategUSA1:05:20
45SIEGLE JasonSDG/FeltUSA1:05:24
46SHRIVER MattTrek Cyclocross CollectiveUSA1:05:38
47GORMAN BrentVolkswagen BoiseUSA1:05:41
48COLE BradKCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross TeamUSA1:05:59
49FLIS MarkRevolution Cafe RioUSA1:06:06
50HAMILTON ErikUniversity BicyclesUSA1:06:13
51TRUJILLO Skyler *Niner/Stans/ErognUSA1:07:12
52IAIA WillGroove Subaru-Alpha BicycleUSA@2Lap
53BAHNSON Jeffrey *Van Dessel Factory TeamUSA@2Lap
54SWENSON Keegan *Cannondale Factory RacingUSA@2Lap
55WHITNEY JoshEvol Elite Racing p/b PharmacaUSA@2Lap
56MICKIEWICZ BryanFeedback SportsUSA@2Lap
57HAAS Dean *Team Specialized Racing JuniorsUSA
58HOLT IanGroove Subaru-Alpha BicycleUSA@2Lap
60SPANNRING ThomasEpic Endurance CyclingUSA@2Lap
61HARDING RussellNatural Grocers Cycling TeamUSA@2Lap
62FRIEDBERG, MikePowerBarUSA@2Lap
63SCHMALZ JosephSource EnduranceUSA@2Lap
64GODBY Zane *enCompass RacingUSA
65PIRIE BrettGroove/SubaruUSA@3Lap
67STREET BillBicycle Blue Book/HRS/Rock LobsUSA@3Lap
68CURTIS BrandonBoulder Cycle SportUSA@3Lap
69TRUITT NickYeti/Pactimo Pro CX TeamUSA@3Lap
70TIETZEL ScottEvol Elite RacingUSA@4Lap
71SAMPSON Michael *Team Alpine Clinic / POCUSA
72WILSON Connor *Juventus Cycling ClubCAN
73PREBLE Kolby *Hammer Nutrition-CMG Racing TeaUSA
74VRAMBOUT Olivierthe bikery du nordBEL@5Lap
DNFPARBO JoachimChallengeDEN
DNFCOPLEA Tyler *BH/ Hammer NutritionUSA
DNFEDWARDS ZacharyBoulder Cycle SportUSA
DNFLYONS Matt *Primal 1st bankUSA
DNFBROWN NathanSuperfly CyclesUSA