Powers Takes the Solo Win at Trek HQ

Powers Takes the Solo Win at Trek HQ.

With a grey and cloudy day giving way to sun for the UCI Elite Men’s and Women’s races, Elle Anderson (Cal-Giant Berry Farms-Specialized) and Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) both finessed a technical and demanding course around Trek’s Global Headquarters to stay away, and win their respective races, in Waterloo, WI.

Nicole Duke (Marin-Spy) took the holeshot in the Elite Women’s race, but it was Anderson who went on the offensive early to open up a big gap ahead of chasing group which included Gabby Durrin (Rapha-Focus), Caroline Mani (Raleigh-Clement), Meredith Miller (Cal-Giant Berry Farms-Specialized), and Crystal Anthony (Team Optimum-Kelly Benefits).

With two laps to go Anderson’s lead had shrunk to 23 seconds, as Mani, Durrin, and Anthony continued to chase hard. “I was second in the holeshot and went through the little maze,” said race winner Anderson. “Right after the ride up after the Trek Factory, I decided to go for it, and built up a little gap and kept it for the whole time.”

Anderson, who works a day job as and engineer at Strava, stayed away with the slimmest of margins for the win. “Me and Caroline on the last lap got a bit of a gap, I think on the steep uphill, and I just went really hard,” said Durrin who finished four seconds down on Anderson. “We actually started catching Elle, we were really close on the sprint finish, she [Anderson] was only just ahead.”

Durrin won the sprint for second over Mani (third), Miller (fourth), and Anthony (fifth).

Group racing was the order of the day in the Elite men’s race. Jeremy Powers took the holeshot and settled into the large lead group which included Ryan Trebon (, Jamey Driscoll (Raleigh-Clement), Tim Johnson (, Ben Berden (Raleigh-Clement), Danny Summerhill (K-Edge-Felt Bicycles), Jeremy Durrin (Team Optimum-Kelly Benefits), Yannick Eckman (Cal-Giant Berry Farms-Specialized).

With five to go the large lead group had been whittled down with Eckman, Johnson, and Trebon. The leaders maintained a slight gap over the chase group which included Powers, Berden, and Driscoll. At three to go the lead reshuffled as Powers, Johnson, and Berden led the race. On the pavement through the start/finish, Powers launched an attack in a bid to take the win. Berden jumped on Powers wheel and the two riders dove into the dramatic ride up side by side. Powers punched it again on the steep hill section of the course to gap off Berden, while a hard-chasing Trebon passed Johnson and started to close the gap to the leaders.

With one to go, Powers was solo with a large lead over Berden and Trebon. Eckman and Johnson followed with Driscoll in pursuit. Powers held the gap for the win with Trebon second, Berden third, Eckman fourth, and Johnson fifth.

“I had to ride into it a little bit, I wasn’t comfortable at the beginning and that definitely showed on my face and the way I was riding,” said Powers. “I stayed out of trouble on the first lap and just suffered through it. Then, after that, I just worked my way into it and put the course together.”

For Trebon, who went toe to toe with Sven Nys for most of the night at Cross Vegas on Wednesday, it was a frustrating day. “It’s incredibly hard to pass out there because it’s so narrow and twisty. So he [Powers] got a gap, and it just took me a while to get around those two guys [Johnson and Berden]. He was riding fast, and for me on a course like this, where it’s just turn, turn, turn, Jeremy has a little bit more snap for those 20 feet between the corners.”

Racing continues on Sunday, September 22nd in Waterloo, Wisconsin. The race, located at Trek’s Global Headquarters, is a short drive from Madison and Milwaukee, and is located at 801 West Madison St, Waterloo, WI. The Trek CXC Cup offers events for the whole family including: the Trek Kiddie Corral, a mechanical bull, and food and drink.

UCI Elite Women Trek CXC Cup #1

1Elle ANDERSONUSA2538:47:00
2Gabriella DURRINGBR2938:51:00
3Caroline MANIFRA2638:54:00
4Meredith MILLERUSA4038:59:00
5Crystal ANTHONYUSA3338:59:00
6Maghalie ROCHETTECAN2039:31:00
7Kaitlin ANTONNEAUUSA2139:44:00
8Abby STRIGELUSA3040:03:00
9Ellen NOBLEUSA1840:20:00
10Beth Ann ORTONUSA3240:27:00
11Nicole DUKEUSA3940:43:00
12Mackenzie WOODRINGUSA3441:09:00
13Emma SWARTZUSA1641:31:00
14Rebecca GROSSUSA3341:34:00
15Brittany MCCONNELLUSA3141:39:00
16Chloe DYGERTUSA1641:48:00
17Amber MARKEYUSA2641:52:00
18April MORGANUSA3041:53:00
19Linda SONEUSA4141:55:00
20Corey COOGAN CISEKUSA3642:34:00
21Meghan KOROLUSA2942:41:00
22Jennifer NOWLINUSA3843:07:00
23Corrie OSBORNEUSA1843:31:00
24Rebecca BLATTUSA3343:48:00
25Katherine SANTOSUSA1643:56:00
26Carol Jeane SANSOMEUSA3843:58:00
27Elizabeth SOUSA2544:21:00
29Terra JAMESUSA33

UCI Elite Men Trek CXC Cup #1

1Jeremy POWERSUSA3057:04:00
2Ryan TREBONUSA3257:20:00
3Ben BERDENBEL3857:30:00
4Yannick ECKMANNUSA2057:37:00
5Timothy JOHNSONUSA3657:39:00
6James DRISCOLLUSA2757:51:00
7Daniel SUMMERHILLUSA2458:22:00
8Jeremy DURRINUSA2558:35:00
9Matt SHRIVERUSA3358:47:00
10Allen KRUGHOFFUSA2959:01:00
11Cody KAISERUSA2159:05:00
12Tobin ORTENBLADUSA1959:06:00
13Tristan SCHOUTENUSA3159:06:00
14Isaac NEFFUSA2759:23:00
15Corey STELLJESUSA3359:47:00
16Kevin MCCONNELLUSA321:00:35
17Tom BURKEUSA341:00:43
19Eric THOMPSONUSA241:00:50
20Jeff KLUCKUSA331:01:31
21Colin OSBORNUSA251:01:33
22Shawn MILNEUSA321:01:54
23David REYESUSA291:02:00
24Travis BRAUNUSA281:02:01
25Dan TEATERSUSA291:02:09
26Chad HARTLEYUSA321:03:16
28Micah MORANUSA31
29Alexander MARTINUSA23
35William STREETUSA28
36Mathew ALLENUSA32