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ASHEVILLE, North Carolina—In the biggest field of the day, and perhaps the week, some of the most well-known names in Men’s Masters racing took to the start at a chance to be the 45-49 National Champion.

As the race started it was William Elliston (EC Devo) with the holeshot as the huge field rounded the first left hander.

Things shook out quickly with the anticipated players taking the lead. Former World Champion Mark Savery  (Trek Cyclocross Collective) led last year’s National Championship winner Pete Webber (Boulder Cycle Sport/YogaGlo) and Roger Aspholm (Finkraft) through the first lap and much of the race’s opening sequence and not far off was Savery’s teammate Tim Faia.

Webber stayed glued to Savery for much of the race, biding his time as Savery seemed content to lead the way. As the pair pulled away from the others and opened the gap that would see them contest the win, Aspholm, James Cochran (Atlas/Other Films), and Webber’s teammates Brandon Dwight, a former National Champion in his own right, and Matt Davies strung out the shattered field.

Pete Webber defended his Masters 45-49 title at the 2016 Cyclocross National Championship. © Cyclocross Magazine

Pete Webber defended his Masters 45-49 title at the 2016 Cyclocross National Championship. © Cyclocross Magazine

There was more mud on the bikes as racers charged past, as the course has softened up some in the afternoon sun. This also meant greater risks in some spots of the course, and at least Davies was looking down at his bike as mechanical issues came up for a number of riders.

For the leading pair, it was a slug fest from the three to go mark. Both Webber and Savery took turns feeling each other out with short attacks and lead changes. But it was at the two to go mark where Webber let Savery have it on Cemetery Hill.

Below you can watch both Webber and Savery talk about the race and how it unfolded and see full results from the race.

2016 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships Men's 45-49 Full Results

1Peter WEBBERBoulder Cycle Sport/ YogaGlo50:19.
2Mark SAVERYTrek Cyclocross Collective50:34.
3Roger ASPHOLMFinkraft50:42.
4James COCHRANAtlas/Other Films50:50.
5Brandon DWIGHTBoulder Cycle Sport/ YogaGlo51:37.
6Matt DAVIESBoulder Cycle Sport/ YogaGlo51:57.
7Troy BARRYDowneast Racing52:43.
8Dan STAFFOQueen City Cyclists53:19.
9John FLACKOlympia Orthopaedic Associates53:26.
10Tim FAIATrek Cyclocross Collective53:38.
11Scott DAUBERTTrek Cyclocross Collective53:47.
12William ELLISTONEC Devo54:28.
13John BEHRENS54:43.
14Paul LUGAR50x15 Cycling54:43.
15Shadd SMITHSource Endurance55:06.
16Anastasio FLORES55:10.
17Gerald PFLUG55:24.
18Eric SORENSENVeloWorks-Spokes Etc55:32.
19Omar DICKENSONSonic Boom Racing Team55:32.
20Christopher PIKEThe Pony Shop55:32.
21Jeff MELCHERTeam Extreme55:40.
22Vincent BOLTCorner Cycle Cycling Club55:43.
23Mike BONENBERGERTrainingPeaks55:44.
24Scott MINARDBayou City Racing56:03.
25Tom HORROCKSSquadra Flying Tigers56:04.
26Matthew PARSECrosshairs Cycling56:10.
27Douglas HUDSONFeedback Sports Racing56:12.
28Bret YOUNGnycross.com56:13.
29Brian STABYCX Nation56:25.
30Timothy HOPKINNorth Carolina Cyclocross56:36.
31Frederick ROSEScholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tor56:40.
32Charles PARMAINSoundpony Triad Bank57:10.
33David MCCOMBSummit City Cyclocross Team57:19.
34Geoffrey SIEPKERCycle-Smart Inc.57:24.
35Derrick SAUNDERSColonels /Freds Texas57:25.
36Robb PETERSON57:34.
37Matthew SCOTTFiets Met Slagroom57:35.
38Jon GALLAGHER57:42.
39Kenny WEHNStans NoTubes Elite CX57:47.
40Jeffrey HETRICKLamprey Systems57:55.
41David THOMPSONCycle-Smart Inc.58:03.
42John JONESKuat Team Racing58:34.
43Kristopher AUERC3-Twenty20cycling.com58:39.
44Aaron MILLETTRiverside Racing58:40.
45Kelly CLINE39:23.
46David CHAMBLIN39:35.
47Todd BURNSNantucket Velo39:43.
48Kirk GRYNWALDCentral Arkansas Velo/CARVE39:43.
49Stephen ERICKSONThe Community Bicyclist39:43.
50Robert KANEBicycle Heaven / PVA39:52.
51Brady ROGERSLitespeed-BMW40:03.
52Stephen NOLDTeam Elevate Racing40:06.
53Marc VETTORIDeluxx Bicycles40:22.
54Christopher SCOTTCrosshairs Cycling40:24.
55Rob MORANStorm Racing Team40:30.
56Todd DAVISKCOI Boulevard40:47.
57Mike STEVENSBike Line41:31.
58Scott STAUBACHInfinity Racing/Tom Williams BM30:19.
59Zdenek FIEBINGER30:38.
60Jason LONGBoulder Cycle Sport/ YogaGlo30:38.
61Sanford WEBSTERHarper Auto30:39.
62David KEESLER30:51.
63Phillip GRAYCelo Pacific31:02.
64Boyd SAFRIT31:02.
65Dariusz TYBOROWSKITeam Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina31:07.
66John BUSERPutney Bicycle Club31:07.
67Brian PITELL31:08.
68Timothy CANNARD31:10.
69Stokely SAMUELSportif Coaching Group31:16.
70Jim FARMERPrivateer Cyclocross Chattanoog31:16.
71Jim HILDITCHCycle To Fitness Racing Greyhou31:18.
72Geoffrey WILLIAMS31:23.
73John MCKENNARogues Racing31:23.
74Jarod MAKOWSKI31:28.
75Glenn TURNERPhiladelphia Ciclismo31:31.
76Michael THAXTONABRT (Annapolis Bicycle Racing31:31.
77Steven PIPPINGS Circo Azzurro31:33.
78Wayne LEWISBurnside Forge31:34.
79John COTTONBlue Sky Velo31:38.
80David MARBUTToyota Forklifts of Atlanta31:44.
81Jonathan SEIBOLDDCMTB31:49.
82Jay CURRYRiverside Racing31:56.
83Kenneth RAMIREZNemesis32:04.
84Zachary WILLS32:07.
85Clarke TANNERRichmond Velo Sport32:08.
86Edward MOREADITHVelosports Racing32:17.
87James FISHERDesign Physics Racing32:21.
88Cooper FOWLER32:30.
89Stewart MACKIE32:43.
90Greg EATEREvolution Racing32:51.
91Kenneth SANDERSGSMR32:55.
92Eric CARLSONRogues Racing32:55.
93Carl WOERMANN22:22.
94Trevor HARRISONPark Ave Bike Shop22:22.
95Emory BALLCycle-Smart Inc.22:25.
96Brian HACKATHORNEPrivateer Cyclocross Chattanoog22:34.
97Scott GOOCHER22:38.
98Jeffrey ZIPPERER22:42.
99David TUCKERBicycle Outfitters Racing Team22:47.
100Chris TAYLORZephyr Wheel Sports22:48.
101Eric PETERSONThe Revolting Cogs23:02.
102Wade HESS23:05.
103Clay PARKSLitespeed-BMW23:05.
104Wesley BESTVirginia Cycling Center24:00.
105Brian FUNKGyros Cycling Club24:04.
106Chris HARREMichelob Ultra - Big Shark Raci14

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Mark Savery and Pete Webber locked into a two-man battle for first. Masters 45-49, 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

Mark Savery and Pete Webber locked into a two-man battle for first. Masters 45-49, 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

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