Interbike revealed some big on-the-bike innovations, including hydraulic shifting systems and more options to run power meter through cyclocross. In order to get a leg over the bike and maximize the advantages of the latest and greatest in bike technology, Pactimo unveiled its latest Fall line that minimizes the excuses for riders to stay indoors.

Cycling Neck Gaiter

Pactimo Brand Manager Josh Cook explained that much of the new clothing lineup was akin to a surfing wetsuit, only using the air rather than the water to create a warm column of air to keep a rider warm. The balance Pactimo strives to meet is to retain heat while wicking away condensation build up.

Not only do they apply that goal to their training jackets for fall riding, but also with the Neck Gaiter as well, which is no easy task considering how much condensation heavy breathing produces. The whole unit is not only designed to cover the face with the company’s Transfer–C fabric that transfers moisture away from skin, but it also covers part of the chest as well to ensure that even the angriest of winds will have a hard time ripping down a coat.

The Neck Gaiter is available for $20.

Pactimo's Neck Gator not only covers the neck, but flows down over the chest. Photo by Pactimo

Pactimo’s Neck Gaitor not only covers the neck, but flows down over the chest. Photo by Pactimo

Alpine RFLX Thermal Jersey

The new Alpine RLFX Thermal Jersey that Pactimo displayed at Interbike was designed with three things in mind: warmth for the chill of autumn and early winter days, high visibility for the waning daylight, and a performance fit so that riders are not fighting against loose material on a training ride.

Not only does the company’s Ardénte Winter fabric offer warmth along the body, but extends throughout the long sleeves, almost mimicking a thermal skinsuit. The RFLX in the name refers to Pactimo’s reflective technology, which is placed along the back, shoulders and chest. Josh Cook also pointed out the Pixel fabric on the forearms, which are designed to maximize the visibility of a cyclist’s arms while they are signaling for a turn in traffic.

As the name suggests, the Alpine RLFX Thermal Jersey is far more jersey than jacket. The company imagines the piece to be ridden in 45-65°F weather, but it can also be paired with a jacket to fend off even colder weather conditions.


Pactimo's Alpine RFLX Jersey. Photo by Pactimo

Pactimo’s Alpine RFLX Jersey. Photo by Pactimo

Ouray Thermal Jacket

Pactimo’s Ouray Thermal Jacket is the company’s self-described indoor trainer killer, as it is designed to handle 20° to 40° F days. Designed with the Italian Cortina laminate fabric, the jacket sports a fleece on the inside designed for insulation while offering an outer protection against the mixed rain and snow of early winter.

Cook pointed out the high collar paired with a heavy-duty YKK zipper. Perhaps it doesn’t minimize the weight gains, which is not exactly vital for a training jacket, but it ensures that a rider has something substantial to pull down or up for easy one-handed adjustments while riding.

The Ouray Thermal Jacket comes complete with a large rear pocket with three separate zipper entries. There is also space up front by the chest for a smartphone.


Pactimo's Alpine RFLX Jersey. Photo by Pactimo

Pactimo’s Ouray Thermal Jacket. Photo by Pactimo


Finally, Pactimo showed off the RFLX Cascade Jacket, which is designed with autumn training rides and cyclocross pre-riding with frost on the course in mind. Pactimo’s Cascade jacket has been one of its more popular pieces, in part to the company’s experience with handling those versatile weather days so common in Colorado where Pactimo is based. The jacket is built for rides that can get down to 35° F.

For 2015, the Cascade comes with the increasingly popular RFLX reflective fabric. Rather than the heavy duty fleece of the Ouray, the Cascade has Milano technical all-way stretch fleece paired with a Climabloc front panel, designed to fend off the rain and wind.

The jacket comes with a single, large zipper-closed rear pocket, which is waterproof to ensure that the smartphone devices say dry on the hard weather rides.

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Pactimo's RFLX Cascade Jacket. Photo by Pactimo

Pactimo’s RFLX Cascade Jacket. Photo by Pactimo