“I’m not sure if next year’s Nationals is going to happen for me,” Jeremy Powers said in his 2018 Reno Nationals post-race interview with Cyclocross Magazine.

Powers later elaborated on what he meant in an interview with Cyclocross Magazine later in January, saying, “And I think that the reason that I say, will this be my last Nationals is because I don’t have the support to go forward, at least in full.”

Now cyclocross fans have more hope that the cyclocross star will be in Louisville in December to fight for a record-tying fifth Nationals title, as Powers has officially announced he’ll be back this cyclocross season:

Powers bunnyhopping from Focus Bikes to Fuji Bikes brings the storied brand back to the front of U.S. men’s professional cyclocross after a few years’ hiatus. Fuji was a former sponsor of cyclocross legend Paul Curley decades ago, and more recently, Jonathan Page. The brand scooped up the four-time champ after his Nationals win on a “mystery” bike in Verona, Wisconsin. Fuji first unveiled its cantilever brake-equipped Altamira CX in 2010, which was the preferred configuration of Page. Over the years, we’ve profiled Page’s disc brake-equipped Altamira CX bike, and reviewed stock models of the BB86-equipped carbon model.

Page’s frames use Fuji’s highest level of carbon, labelled C 10, and although in the past he raced cantilever versions, this new version, the Altamira CX 1.1 Disc, has the updated color scheme and graphics, and is equipped with the best offerings from Page’s longtime sponsors Shimano and Enve Composites. © Cyclocross Magazine

A hint of Jeremy Powers’ new bike? Jonathan Page’s Altamira CX 1.1 Disc featured the brand’s highest-end carbon, but Powers’ bike will likely feature SRAM and Zipp components instead of Shimano and ENVE. © Cyclocross Magazine

Now Fuji Bikes has come in to sign another four-time National Champion looking for a bike sponsor in Powers, and the new athlete will be sure to increase the brand’s presence in cyclocross in the U.S.

While Powers has not yet announced his full schedule, he has stated he will be attending the World Cups, Northampton and Gloucester.

Fuji Bikes’ parent company ASI also owns retail chain and online retailer Performance Bike, as well as discount online retailer Bike Nashbar. Might we see Powers make some appearances at Performance Bike locations to spread the gospel of cyclocross? We can only hope so. While it would be quite a change in setting from the high-end Rapha Cycle Clubs, the partnership has the potential to reach even more cyclists, especially if ASI features Powers shouldering a Fuji Altamira CX bike on the cover of its popular mailers.

Powers has also recently been flying the colors of Pactimo. The Colorado-based brand is a long-time cyclocross sponsor, having sponsored Katie Compton in the past.

After a tight battle with Stephen Hyde at the 2018 Nationals in Reno, Powers looked to have plenty left in the tank to challenge for the top step of U.S. cyclocross podiums, and hopefully this will be only the first of many seasons with his new sponsors.

We’ve reached out to Powers to learn more about his new program and plans. Stay tuned.