Sven Nys wins and salutes his bike for the second race in a row. ©

Sven Nys taking a win on his new Trek Boone—but won’t score the MTB Nationals bid. ©

It turns out after all Sven Nys’ hard work in securing a MTB National Championships in his neighboring town of Wezemaal, didn’t pan out after all, according to  Another potential organizer instead was accepted to put together the next three Belgian MTB Championships—from 2014 to 2016 in the town of Ottignies.

The last time the Belgian MTB Championships were held there was in 2007 where Sven Nys took gold. On Twitter, Nys said, “Thanks to all those who showed that they were supportive of the Belgian Championships to be held in Wezemal. Unfortunately not everyone felt the same. A missed chance.”